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Why does Shnur gather more people at the stadium than our players?

Sports facilities built for major events such as the World Cup or the Olympics are often abandoned when a sports festival ends. So idle, for example, the Mane Garrinchi stadium in Brasilia and other arenas in Brazil, South Africa, Greece, China. Naturally, the maintenance of such facilities costs a lot.

Russia, in order to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup, built and reconstructed 12 stadiums with a capacity of 33 to 81 thousand spectators. Most of them, despite the growing attendance of Russian football, stand idle and are a burden on the country's budget. 16 billion rubles will be spent on the maintenance of stadiums in Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Samara and Saransk until 2023. By this time, according to the government's plans, the stadiums should become multifunctional centers and learn how to make money by holding concerts, renting out free space for fitness centers, retail and catering.

The Leningrad Group is one of the few Russian groups that capable of collecting stadiums. In 2019, Sergey Shnurov and his team announced a farewell stadium tour and went to save the World Cup legacy from desolation. From June 4 to October 12, the musicians will play concerts at 9 stadiums from Kaliningrad to St. Petersburg. In total, Leningrad plans to gather 450 thousand spectators - this is the average for the matches of the Russian Premier League team for the entire season. Taking into account that 45.5 thousand spectators came to the concert in Moscow, and more than 21 thousand people in Kaliningrad, the target level is quite within their reach.

Why does Shnur gather more people at the stadium than our players?

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Why does Shnur gather more people at the stadium than our players?

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How the arenas of the 2018 World Cup are filled.

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Concert: was held on June 4 (over 21 thousand spectators)
Stadium: Kaliningrad
Capacity: 35 thousand seats
Team: Baltic (FNL)
Average attendance: 5912 viewers

Kaliningrad Stadium is empty, although many people go to the Baltic matches by FNL standards, but this is 5-6 times less than the stadium can accommodate. On the official website of the site in the upcoming events, only the qualifying match of the European Football Championship 2020 between Russia and Kazakhstan is listed. A year ago, the Russian national team assembled a full stadium in Kaliningrad. Leningrad, having started its tour from the western point of Russia, gathered 21 thousand spectators here.


Concert: was held on June 14 (45 475 thousand spectatorsher)
Stadium: Otkrytie Arena
Capacity: 45 360 seats
Team: Spartak Moscow (RFPL)
Average traffic: 30 941 viewers

Spartak - the most visited team in Moscow, so the stadium is not empty. In addition, the arena makes money from the museum, excursions, concerts. This year, for example, Time Machine and Ed Sheeran are announced. The Leningrad group has been collecting a full house here for the second time, which makes Spartak fans very unhappy. They believe that Sergei Shnurov, who is a fan of Zenit, should not be allowed into the red-and-white territory, even if it promises the stadium a good profit.

Nizhny Novgorod

Concert: took place on June 20 (40,250 spectators)
Stadium: Nizhny Novgorod Arena
Capacity: 45 thousand seats
Team: Nizhny Novgorod (FNL)
Average traffic: 15,218 viewers

The 2018 World Cup attracted fans to the stadium in Nizhny Novgorod. The team from the second-strongest Russian division (FNL) received an average of 15 thousand spectators last season. The object is also planned to be used for cultural events, but now only Svetlana Loboda's concert is on the billboard.


Concert: June 25
Ticket price: from 800 rubles.
Stadium: Tatneft Arena
Capacity: 8900 seats
Team: HC Ak Bars (KHL)
Average attendance: 7119 viewers

In Kazan, Leningrad did not aim at the 45,000-seat Kazan Arena, built for the 2013 Universiade. The group decided to settle in the hockey Tatneft Arena - the home ground of the HC Ak Bars, which is actively used for concerts, festivals and competitions in other sports.
The stadium with the largest media facade in Europe - Kazan Arena - remained empty in the hope that fans will be more active in Rubin's matches in the new season.


Concert : June 30
Ticket price: from 800 rubles.
Stadium: Cosmos Arena
Capacity: 44 918 places
Team: Krylya Sovetov
Average traffic: 19 182 viewers

If the Krylia Sovetov stadium is only half full in the Samara stadium, then the final of the Russian Football Cup 2019 between Lokomotiv and Ural scored it almost completely - 38 thousand spectators. Whether Leningrad will be able to overtake this achievement will become clear soon.


Concert: July 6
Ticket price: from 1000 rub.
Stadium: Yekaterinburg Arena
Capacity: 35 696 seats
Team: Ural
Average traffic: 15,753 viewers

The Yekaterinburg Arena stadium, built back in 1957, has noticeably changed after reconstruction. The stadium before the 2018 World Cup was criticized for the temporary stands that extend outside the stadium. Immediately after the World Cup, they were going to be dismantled, reducing the number of seats in the stadium, but the structure still remains in place. According to local officials, there is not enough money for dismantling, but the issue should be resolved by the end of 2019.


Concert: September 6
Ticket price: from 800 rubles.
Stadium: Volgograd Arena
Capacity: 45 568 seats
Team : Rotor
Average traffic: 18 725 viewers

According to the results of the popular vote on the StadiumDB website, Volgograd Arena was recognized as the best stadium in 2018 in the world. The construction of a new stadium in a city with a long footballing tradition has boosted attendance at home matches, although Rotor has not played in the top flight since 2004. There is only one problem - the stadium is periodically washed away by rainwater.


Concert: September 13
Ticket price: from 800 rubles.
Stadium: Rostov Arena
Capacity: 43,472 seats
Team: Rostov
Average traffic: 31,034 viewers

In recent years, football Rostov has shown a confident game and gathers quite a lot of spectators in the stands, but it still experiences financial difficulties. Last season, there was even a possibility that, due to the rental cost, the team would be at the old stadium, and Rostov Arena, which hosted the national teams of Brazil, Belgium, Iceland, would stand idle. However, Rostov not only found money for a new stadium, but also managed not to share it with Basta. The date of the team's next home match coincided with the planned concert of the Rostov rapper. After the disputes Baste had to give up and move his visit to his hometown for a week.

St. Petersburg

Concert: October 12
Cost ticket: from 1800 rubles.
Stadium: Gazprom Arena
Capacity: 67 800 seats
Team: Zenith
Average traffic: 48 122 viewers

The stadium in St. Petersburg has become a meme. Only the lazy did not discuss the impressive cost of the stadium and the shortcomings during the construction. But now Zenit fans have straightened their shoulders after the cramped Petrovsky and are confidently filling the most expensive stadium of the 2018 World Cup, the Russian national team regularly visits St. Petersburg, and RAMMSTEIN will visit the arena in August. Leningrad in its hometown will complete its farewell stadium tour and, possibly, set a new viewer record at its concerts. In 2018, Sergei Shnurov and his musicians have already gathered 65 thousand spectators at the Gazprom Arena.

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