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Why are we losing our diet and how to avoid it? The hunger strike is canceled

Expert of the Championship wellness coach Andrey Semeshov - on how to cope with dieting breakdowns.

It's easy to save up, it's much more difficult to get rid of it

To to lose weight, you need to spend more calories than we get from food. It's simple. Everybody knows. But if you look at the sad statistics on the growth of obesity (and even just on people on the street), it becomes obvious that difficulties arise with implementation in practice. Alas, our bodies are designed in such a way that they can easily and naturally build up fat mass at an unlimited rate, but when it comes to getting rid of these reserves, problems begin. Our body and our brain do not like to lose weight. And accordingly they impede this process in every possible way.

Yes, at first everything goes very smoothly. Let's say you set yourself a daily limit of 1,700 calories and confidently stick to this plan for a day, two, three, sometimes five or six. But then ... And then there is a breakdown. If you are not a competing fitness athlete and, in addition, are not very experienced in losing weight, then the question is not what to do IF this happened? But what to do WHEN it happened ?.

Why are we losing our diet and how to avoid it? The hunger strike is canceled


Why am I so hungry?

For starters, just a few examples than these breakdowns can be provoked. Let's say you lack motivation. This happens all the time, when a person is generally satisfied with his appearance, but his soul mate has been torn to pieces: We urgently need to lose weight, let's go on a diet. Such weight loss for the company will end very quickly, barely starting.

Often, an unauthorized trip to the food court of the nearest shopping center is provoked by the lack of visible results. Now you have been eating right for a whole week, try not to miss meetings with a personal trainer in a fitness club, and the scales do not show the proper dynamics. Thoughts creep into my head by themselves: Since I'm not losing weight in any way, it means that I simply cannot. So why am I torturing myself ?!

Faced with such stories, I like to quote Mike Tyson : When it's hard for me, I always remind myself that if I give up it's better will not. It's the same with us. Remember why and why you started this whole story. Is this goal still important and meaningful to you? And if so, then you simply have no choice - you need to go to the result. Yes, sometimes weight or waist, or even both, may not change for a week or even two. And this does not mean that something is going wrong. Everything is fine, just the body also resists. This includes metabolic adaptation. But if you act according to a clear and competent scheme, then you have a 100% chance of winning. Body fat can win local battles (not decrease for a whole week), but they cannot win this war against you. Everything will work out for sure.

Why are we losing our diet and how to avoid it? The hunger strike is canceled


If you went to visit, then you can eueverything. It is impolite to refuse

Another frequent variant of dieting is getting into provocative conditions. Going to a restaurant or visiting. Here we must admit that this is not an excuse and excuse. In such situations, we find ourselves in 99% of cases as planned, agree. And if so, then our task is simply to prepare for this event. For example, come to visit not hungry, so that you can look at all the treats indifferently and limit yourself to the minimum set on the plate, devoting most of your time to the main thing - communication. Of course, going to a restaurant with a full belly doesn't make much sense, but you can also have a light snack. And it is extremely important to define your menu in advance for yourself. Either look at the institution's website what dishes are offered, or simply establish that it will be, say, steamed fish and salad. The main thing here is not to find yourself in a situation where you will need to make an urgent choice, when a waiter is standing over your shoulder and waiting. In this case, the risk that you order what you do not need is very high. Or you will make an order, focusing on the choice of other participants in the feast.

Bun with cream or an appointment with a psychologist?

In general, there can be a lot of reasons to break your diet. And often this does not happen at all because you have starved yourself so much. In the vast majority of cases, we are talking about emotional reactions. Stress, joy - we have formed patterns since childhood that this is solved by food. Did the homework - here's the sweetie - the simplest example. You need to slowly change your attitude to food. Food is our fuel. Of course, food is a source of pleasure. But food is not a solution to emotional problems. It's just food. Delicious and healthy. But let's move from philosophy to practice and analyze the mechanism of stalls and what we should do in order not to go astray.

The mechanism of stall is always about the same. In the evening there was a blockage at work, then a birthday, I didn't get to the gym - there was no time, at home, at the TV, I also ate more calorie pies with cabbage.

In the morning on the scales (although you need to do this once a week and not more often) - and there is also nothing encouraging. And the hand itself stretches in the handle of the refrigerator. While the thought is this: Well, if everything turned out like this yesterday, then I will arrange for myself a small holiday of disobedience today, and tomorrow I will pull myself together. And this is where the trap lies.

Case Western University has developed an excellent breakdown scale that clearly illustrates the mechanism.

  • First day - when a blockage at work, a colleague's birthday and pies with cabbage for the night. This lapse - on the scale of Case University - translates into Russian as a blunder, an oversight. Very consonant with our Russian word blooper.
  • Then our second day - when the thought once fell through yesterday, today I will pamper myself for a day. This is already relapse . Translated into Russian - relapse.

See even phonetically and semantic how exactly it turns out. A blooper is, in general, just an annoying little thing. But a relapse is already serious, it's a scareno. And what after relapse? Events often develop according to the following pattern. Tomorrow comes, we ought to go for a walk or, say, to a workout, or count how many calories we have for breakfast - but again we are not in the mood. Well, let it be another day - it's relapse again. And here are two, three such relapse, and what scientists call collapse comes - that is, everything, collapse. Very quickly, you find yourself at point zero, where you began this whole transformation story. Only now with a feeling of a weak-willed loser, fear of starting everything again, because there is a negative experience. Or lose faith in the scheme, start looking for magic pills and miracle diets.

Do not turn weakness into a habit

Therefore, the first and most important rule is that under no circumstances and circumstances do not allow yourself to turn lapse to relapse! Remember that a blooper is a blooper and is, a minor nuisance. And even purely mathematically. Let's say that you overeat on 1,500 extra calories, even if you imagine that in some unknown physiology way each extra calorie will go to fat, then this will only turn out to be less than 170 grams. But in reality this will not happen, of course. It's about just a few grams of fat at most. But provided that this is really a one-time blunder on a long and successful distance.

And in the morning the next day, or, for example, if the breakdown happened in the afternoon, then that evening - immediately return to the usual routine! No need to punish yourself or, for example, try to work off extra calories in the gym. Not! All this will not bring results, but will only reinforce negative perception and dissatisfaction with oneself. You just need to calmly get out of the situation in the literal sense of the word, exhale, forgive yourself, walk the norm of steps, and return to your normal calorie content. No hunger strikes and no attempts to subtract extra calories from the next days.
It was. It's gone. Forgot. Moving on.

Why are we losing our diet and how to avoid it? The hunger strike is canceled


Just analyze what caused the life this blooper and develop an algorithm for how you will act in the future if this scenario repeats itself.

It is possible, though one more scenario. Monday - - lapse, Tuesday-Wednesday - mode, Thursday again lapse, then one more weekend. But the next day - back in the ranks. This is also a very wrong strategy. There cannot be many oversights. We are so structured that we learn from our mistakes and draw conclusions. If the number of errors tends to be compared with the number of days in a week, then it becomes obvious that in fact the person is not serious about the result. He just plays a fashionable healthy lifestyle. Either the initially incorrect or inappropriate scheme was chosen. Including according to the calculation of the daily rate. And then you just have to think about which approach will work best.

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