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Why are flight attendants so slim? Life hacks worth taking note of

Slim figure, charming smile, perfect make-up and hair-to-hair hairstyle. Flight attendants have flown all over the world, they literally live in the sky and make you comfortable in flight. These girls are ready for any emergency situations and always look perfect. How do they do it?

Standards of flight attendants

Any girl will not be accepted as flight attendants, this profession has its own standards. They differ depending on the airline: somewhere they can be extremely strict, and somewhere with indulgences. We'll cover the general principles.

Why are flight attendants so slim? Life hacks worth taking note of

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Employed girls no older than 35 years old, not miniature and not too tall (160-175 cm), so that they can help passengers to put their hand luggage on the shelves and at the same time do not feel discomfort in the aircraft cabin. Weight is also important, because in flight you have to maneuver in a narrow passage. Therefore, stewardesses usually wear a size no larger than 46. In this case, airlines are not looking at volumes, but at body mass index. If a girl gets fat, she may not be allowed to fly or even fired. Naturally, women with tattoos, piercings, scars and other injuries in prominent places will not be hired. Daring makeup, false nails or, say, pink hair and massive jewelry are also prohibited.

In addition, stress resistance, correct speech, friendliness, and no problems with the law are required. They also check health: both physical and mental, and not only when applying for a job. Medical examination must be completed every six months.

Why are flight attendants so slim? Life hacks worth taking note of

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10 secrets of a slim figure

Flight attendants have a frantic and completely unpredictable schedule, they literally fly from winter to summer and back and constantly change Time Zones. Girls need to keep fit in order to please passengers and maintain their own health. Most of the advice of flight attendants will apply not only to their colleagues, but also to all people who care about their shape and well-being.

Maintaining water balance

Even one flight is stress for the skin, and if you spend all day in the sky - even more so. Flight attendants pay a lot of attention to moisturizing it, and on the plane they drink a lot of water, but only bottled. Firstly, it is beneficial and restores water balance in the body. Secondly, there is another secret why girls do not take hot drinks on board. The fact is that tanks are often not thoroughly cleaned, and the water from them can be dirty and contain harmful bacteria.

Why are flight attendants so slim? Life hacks worth taking note of

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Adequate sleep

Good sleep is vital to staying fit. Without it, you won't have enough energy toactive and stressful work, and the body wants to replenish it with harmful sweets. If you want to lose weight, you can't do without 7-8 hours of sleep.

Regular sports

Stewardesses are far from little girls. They are supposed to be strong and enduring by their profession. Therefore, regular sports activities are almost a prerequisite, otherwise you will not be able to withstand such work. This could be a gym, swimming pool, Pilates, or yoga. Many people focus on strengthening core muscles because they help maintain posture.

Why are flight attendants so slim? Life hacks worth taking note of

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Stewardesses spend a lot of time outside the home, but they also try to study on business trips. Banal morning exercises or stretching exercises will help you keep slim and stretch your buzzing muscles after a hard day.

Breakfast is the head of everything

Breakfast is the main and most high-calorie food intake for flight attendants. This advice should be taken into account by everyone who cares about the figure. If dinner should be light, then in the morning you can afford a little extra - a croissant or a chocolate bar. Flight attendants on business trips prefer a hearty and healthy breakfast.

Why are flight attendants so slim? Life hacks worth taking note of

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To work - not on an empty stomach

If during a short flight you can limit yourself to a handful of nuts, then before the flight, eating is obligatory, because flight attendants spend a lot of energy at work ... Foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and calcium, and high in protein are best. Your body will need all of this to make it through your flight and stay awake.

Healthy snacks close at hand

Keep a healthy snack on hand to replenish energy reserves : apple, yogurt, bag of nuts or dried fruits. This is not a substitute for a full meal, but it will help to diversify the diet and hold out until lunch or dinner. This life hack is especially suitable for people with a sedentary job, where there is a constant temptation to have a tea party with sweets and sandwiches.

Why are flight attendants so slim? Life hacks worth taking note of

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No heavy food

During the flight, the flight attendants try not to eat at all, but this is impossible on long flights. In the palate, the difference in pressure makes it much harder for the body to digest food. Therefore, the diet of flight attendants includes fruits, light salads and chicken meat, which is easily digested by the body, does not create heaviness in the stomach and is also good for the skin.

Less salt and sugar

In an airplane, especially xit comes out sweet or salty, which is why we are so happy when we are offered peanuts or tomato juice. But flight attendants try to avoid such products. Sugar slows down the absorption of calcium, salt - retains water. Of course, you do not need to completely abandon sweet and salty, but you should not abuse it either. If you really want salty, eat some cheese or olives.

Why are flight attendants so slim? Life hacks worth taking note of

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No exotic

If you are not a fan of experiments and do not strive to try everything new and unusual, in exotic countries try to choose your usual food. A sudden transition to new dishes imposes additional stress on the body. In addition, unfamiliar foods and spices often lead to indigestion. For a flight attendant, this rule is mandatory, and the rest should think once again whether it is worth exposing themselves to the danger of poisoning. Also in exotic countries it is better to drink only bottled water.

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