Intense 30 Minute Full Body HIIT // No Equipment Workout

Whole body in 30 minutes. Effective workout at home

It's getting colder outside, and getting out of the house is getting harder and harder. I want to skip not only work, but also training. In such weather, sometimes it is not at all tempting to travel around the city, and not everyone is lucky to have a fitness center opposite the house. However, this is not a reason to give up sports. You can also keep yourself in good shape at home, without wasting too much time. Together with the blogger and author of home workout programs Maria Smirnova , we will tell you how to keep your figure or tidy it up using four effective exercises. Even though winter is just around the corner, it's time to start preparing for the summer!

What do I need for a home workout?

To keep my body in good shape, it is enough to exercise for 20-30 minutes a day. You only need a little free space and two dumbbells, 2-3 kg each. They can be replaced with suitable tools at hand. Each exercise should be performed in three sets of 15-20 repetitions, depending on your physical fitness.

Whole body in 30 minutes. Effective workout at home


It is best to start your workout with a warm-up. 3-5 minutes is enough: this way you warm up the muscles and prepare the joints and tendons for stress. Warming up reduces the risk of injury, helps to morally tune in to training and smoothly accelerate body systems. After warming up, you can start exercising.

Whole body in 30 minutes. Effective workout at home

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Squat-plie with lifting dumbbells

Exercise on the adductors of the thigh, deltoid muscles, biceps.

Starting position: legs wide apart, toes turned out to the sides almost 180 degrees, back straight.

Slowly lower the pelvis down until the hips are parallel to the floor. In this case, the knees are spread apart, repeat the direction of the toes. Fix the position. Bend your arms with dumbbells at the elbows at a right angle and raise them in front of you so that your shoulders are almost parallel to the floor. From this position, raise your arms up, unbending, and return to their original position.

Squats in motion

Exercise on thigh circumference, gluteal muscles.

Starting position: standing on one leg, the second is slightly turned back, its toe touches the floor.

While squatting, take your back leg a little further than shoulder-width apart, turn the toes slightly to the sides. Lower yourself down so that your knees are bent almost at right angles. As you straighten, lift and roll your other leg back. Return to starting position and repeat the exercise.

Whole body in 30 minutes. Effective workout at home

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Push-ups with a clap on the shoulder

Triceps exercise

Starting position: arms shoulder-width apart, slightly bent at the elbows (to load the triceps), legs extended as far back as possible and pressed against each other.

Keeping a straight body position , if possible, slowly lower yourself down without touching the floor, and linger at this point. Return to the starting position, slap one hand on the shoulder with the other. Change hands as you exercise.

In order to load the triceps sufficiently, it is important to always keep the elbows slightly bent, not fully straightening. Also it is worth remembering that during exercise they should be held along the body and not spread apart.
Whole body in 30 minutes. Effective workout at home

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Double torso lifts

Exercise on abdominals.

Starting position: lying on your back, straight legs raised at an angle of 90 degrees, shoulders off the floor, arms bent at the elbows and raised so that the forearms are above the face.

Spread your legs to the sides, at the same time, join your hands and stretch them forward. Return to starting position. Stretch forward again, but this time keep your legs together and your arms extended along the body. Return to the starting position again.

Of course, comparing a half-hour workout with two full hours in the gym is not worth it. However, these exercises will also prove useful. They are well suited for those who want to keep themselves in good shape and not spend too much time on it. The main thing is to do everything correctly, not to be lazy and train regularly.

Whole body in 30 minutes. Effective workout at home

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