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Who will go to the Race of Heroes in Sochi? Results of the draw from the Championship

On October 6, Sochi will host the largest obstacle race in Russia - Race of Heroes . Let us remind you that we, together with the League of Heroes, the Rosa Khutor resort and the Reebok company, held a competition, where we raffled off a team slot for participation, equipment and free accommodation for the period of the competition. The participants had to tell their story: why should their team take part in the race. It's time to summarize.

So, we have received more than 50 applications by mail. For several days we have been reading your touching and inspiring stories. Frankly, it was very difficult to choose. But we rallied our strength to highlight 26 of the most impressive emails. The Random Number Generator helped us determine the winner.

We come to the most important thing. The counter showed the coveted number 18, and the winner was * drum roll * Govorov Andrey Viktorovich ! We sincerely congratulate the captain and his Rip and Throw team with triumph and wish them the best in their race. See you in Sochi!

Who will go to the Race of Heroes in Sochi? Results of the draw from the Championship

Test: can you cover the Race of Heroes distance?

What is it: perfect plan for the weekend or fun for the madmen?

In the meantime, let's share with you excerpts from Andrey's letter:

OCR races fill our lives:

  • We devote tens of hours a week to training, and this despite the fact that we still have time to work and find time to be with loved ones!
  • Our travels are not determined by a comfortable beach, but by quality OCR races.
  • New interesting and active people come into our lives through common interest in OCR races!
  • We rejoice at our small victories in the course of training: I pulled up twice as much, ran 10 km 2 minutes faster ...
  • In OCR races, the main thing for us is clean passing of obstacles. Each fighter of the # rip_and_ sweep team bites into the ground, ropes, docks, stones and other elements of obstacles, laid out 150% before going to cut off the bracelet at the finish!
  • The girls of our team do not cry, the moisture from their beautiful eyes is not tears, but beads of sweat ... Which have no price on the whole Earth, because we see what efforts the girls achieve their sports results!

Link to document with participant numbers.

Link to result from a random number generator.


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