Who suits Lokomotiv's form more? Buzova vs Kostenko

Lokomotiv's midfielder Dmitry Tarasov recently got married for the third time. Anastasia Kostenko, vice-miss of Russia - 2014, became the player's companion. After Dmitry stopped hiding his relationship with Anastasia, she began to upload her photos in the form of Lokomotiv. Apparently, this is a prerequisite for all passions of Tarasov, because before Olga Buzova did it. Which of the girls suits Lokomotiv's uniform more? It's up to you.

Who suits Lokomotiv's form more? Buzova vs Kostenko

Tarasov got married for the third time. Briefly about the main thing

Lokomotiv footballer tied the knot for the third time.

Anastasia Tarasova-Kostenko is already so used to wearing Loko's T-shirt that even advertises a manicure studio in it.

Olga Buzova I wore a T-shirt of railway workers specifically to cheer for the team of her ex-husband. By the way, besides a T-shirt, Olga was wearing only socks, glasses and a dog - a good approach.

Anastasia goes to Loko matches in a rose and loves to pose at the club bus. A bright dress with a plunging neckline and a scarf of your favorite team.

Olga, like any fan Lokomotiva knows that when the anthem is playing, you need to show your colors.

Put on the jersey the other side is not a problem for Anastasia. The main thing is that everyone knows her husband's game number. An original approach.

Buzova, in turn, hooked the whole family on Lokomotiv and often went to stadium with her father.

A photo with the Russian Cup for Anastasia is not just an opportunity to touch to her husband's trophy, but also a great reason to advertise Alexei Miranchuk.

Olga Buzova like a real one the fan broke through the exit to St. Petersburg with her gang. The wives of football players are a terrible force.

But Anastasia has a personal denim jacket on which she is together with Dmitry Tarasov. It should be especially pleasant for a football player that he is depicted there in Lokomotiv's play form.

Buzova also had a denim jacket, but under her there was always a Lokomotiv scarf. Olga steadfastly endured all the failures next to the team and her ex-husband.

And I could even be left alone at the stadium to wait for Dmitry from the locker room. So who does the Lokomotiv form go to more?

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