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While the clock strikes twelve: how sports stars met the new decade

It is believed that New Year is a family holiday, but everyone meets it in their own way. Someone really prefers to spend this time with their family and always in compliance with all family traditions: a big Christmas tree, Olivier according to a special grandmother's recipe and gifts not earlier than the morning of January 1. Others, in the midst of winter, seek to escape from the cold (or rain) closer to the sea and the sun, and for some, even the New Year is not a reason to take a day off at work. We will tell you how famous athletes met 2020, and with it the new decade.

Artyom Dzyuba

The captain of the St. Petersburg Zenith and the Russian national football team is a family man. He celebrated 2020 at home with family and friends. All the guests gathered at a large festive table and took a joint photo in funny hats with rat faces - a symbol of the new year.

Alexander Ovechkin

The Washington Capitals striker also celebrated the New Year with his family. On his instagram, he posted a photo with his wife Anastasia and two-year-old son Sergei against the background of the New Year tree. From their entire family, the Ovechkins wished their subscribers health, love and success in 2020.

Pavel Mamaev

Although Pavel himself is not very active on social networks, his wife Alana shared photos from New Year's Eve on Instagram. The football player's family flew to Dubai to celebrate 2020 away from the rainy Russian winter.

Alina Zagitova

One of the most talented Russian figure skaters Alina Zagitova celebrated New Year at home. The girl posted a cute photo with her beloved dog Masaru and, like many, summed up the year. 2019 turned out to be very eventful for her: the skater won gold at the World Championships in Japan, became the first Russian woman to receive all titles in single figure skating, and also announced the suspension of her sports career.

While the clock strikes twelve: how sports stars met the new decade

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Maria Sharapova

But the former first racket of the world, it seems, even in the New Year cannot completely distract himself from work. On the eve of the holiday, Maria flew to Australia, probably to prepare for the upcoming Australian Open 2020. As the tennis player wrote on Instagram, she met the New Year in pajamas and with a jet lag after a hard flight.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Italian Juventus striker spent the winter holidays with his family. First, Cristiano celebrated Christmas with his wife and children on the seashore, and he celebrated New Year at his parents' house, where the whole big family gathered.

David Beckham

David Beckham also considers New Year to be a family holiday. He met him in the circle of his closest ones: his wife Victoria and their four children.

While the clock strikes twelve: how sports stars met the new decade

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Judging by the instagram of striker Paris Saint-Germain, his holiday holidays are more than active. Together with his friends, Neymar celebrated the New Year on the hot coast of his native Brazil.

Conor McGregor

Severe in the ring, in life Conor McGregor does not seem so frightening. Like many, he spent Christmas Eve at home with his wife, children and parents. And I even tried on some funny hats: a Christmas paper crown is not a hat, of course, but it will work too.

Santa has definitely not deprived the McGregor family this year. The whole house was littered with gifts. Both children and adults got brand new cars.

While the clock strikes twelve: how sports stars met the new decade

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Stephen Curry

Christmas is a time for good deeds, so the Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha tried on the famous cinematic images. Stephen dressed in the Grinch costume - the one who stole Christmas, and Ayesha in the Cindy Lou Who costume - the girl who saved Christmas. Curry hosted a festive program as part of their Eat charity project. Learn. Play (Eat. Learn. Play).

They say how you will meet the New Year - so you will spend it. But even if you dream of spending 2020 more actively than ever, you need to have time to rest during the New Year holidays. As it turned out, even the most successful and hardworking athletes and others need time to rest and recover before a year full of new events.

While the clock strikes twelve: how sports stars met the new decade

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While the clock strikes twelve: how sports stars met the new decade

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