Running with Your Phone (summer)

Where to put your phone while running?

Your phone is an indispensable jogging gadget. After all, it is thanks to him that you can set up a fitness application, track terrain, distance, start a timer to observe time intervals, or just listen to pleasant music that will help you not to get hung up on the kilometers traveled and improve your own result. Moreover, thanks to the results that your smartphone will read from day to day, you can monitor your own progress or adjust the training program. But for beginners on the treadmill, the same question always arises: “Where to put the phone while running so that it does not interfere”? Let's figure it out together in our material.

Running belt

The running belt is a comfortable and practically imperceptible accessory by weight. In addition to the phone, you can put some cash and keys in it. You need to understand that running belts themselves can be different: some of them are suitable for both beginners and pros, and some are recommended to be used exclusively for overcoming more serious distances.

Where to put your phone while running?

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For example, there is a kind of belts with attachments for small bottles (they usually come with a belt kit). Personally, I saw how the guys started the marathon with such a belt, and with the help of the mounts on it they took with them gels and isotonics (or water) that were in bottles.

At the same time, for your 10 km run “Night Run” I chose the most ordinary belt, which could fit a phone and some cash. Disadvantages: if you are used to frequently taking out your smartphone while jogging: checking a map, changing tracks in a playlist or checking mail, then a belt is not the most convenient accessory.

Where to put your phone while running?


Although they say that somewhere on the Internet you can now buy belts with a transparent window so that you can check your phone without removing it it.

Running clothes: jacket, tights, T-shirts

As usual, special running clothes (jackets, T-shirts) have a pocket with a fastener in the lower back, where the smartphone fits perfectly. Even if the pockets themselves are not very deep, you should not worry, your gadget will be securely fixed as soon as you put a T-shirt or jacket on your body. A pocket on special running leggings - tights and triathlon shorts is located on the lower back. Cons: big smartphones won't fit there, but in general, think for yourself, is it worth taking your huge Iphone 6S + for a run? Or maybe just a fitness watch / bracelet?

Wrist pouch

An arm-mounted gadget holder is almost an ideal way to store your phone while you run. All these covers are made of dense and elasmaterial, almost all models have a small compartment for storing a key or card and a headphone jack.

Where to put your phone while running?


The covers themselves are of two types. Some of them allow you to take out the smartphone almost instantly by detaching it from the mount. The second type (as in the picture): the phone is placed in a kind of bag and you have to remove the cover from your hand to get it.

Where to put your phone while running?


Backpack (vest) for running

Whatever happens, I don't advise you to go jogging with a non-professional running backpack. Even the most ideal “bag” or backpack will give you a lot of discomfort at a distance, even if you can adjust it and tighten all the straps. But in case you just can't get by with one smartphone, the sports industry has long developed a model of a special running backpack.

In addition to the space where you can fold your phone, money, keys or a couple of carbohydrate bars for recovery forces, such models are often equipped with a special drinking system that allows you to drink water or isotonic through special tubes without taking off your backpack.

Phone in hand

If you have just started your jogging path or completely are not inclined to buy the above-described accessories, then feel free to take the phone in your hands and go. The most inconvenient thing for me personally is not a smartphone in my hand, but the wires from the headphones. Therefore, I replaced my regular headphones with a wireless analogue with Bluetooth and now I don't worry about the phone in my hand at all.

By the way, for lovers of freedom in movement, you can replace your phone with a fitness bracelet.

How To Run With Your Phone

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