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Where to go until the borders open? 13 ideas for traveling in Russia

Perhaps this year many Russians will see for the first time all the beauty of Russian nature. The dates of the opening of the borders are still unknown, which means that it is worth taking a closer look at the internal Russian directions. We have collected and diversified several ideas for those who, after long home vacations, yearn for new experiences.

For a sea tan


In the summer Sochi is traditionally in the top of the most visited resorts in Russia. But this does not mean that crowds of tourists are waiting for you. Yes, in the case of a budget vacation, a crush on the beach is more likely to occur. But vacation in 2020 is the very case when it’s worth investing in a hotel and choosing a more comfortable option.

Do not rush to get upset if you couldn’t save money for the rest. The city authorities promise to expand city beaches to accommodate the entire flow of tourists. By the way, the sea is warmest in July and August, when the water warms up to +28 degrees.

For those who are still confused by the abundance of tourists, we have selected a few more slightly less popular destinations.

Where to go until the borders open? 13 ideas for traveling in Russia

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To have a rest in Crimea, you don't have to fly by plane. With the opening of the Crimean bridge, tourists can now safely go on a journey in their own car, not only from Ukraine, but also from Russia. Just a few days, and from any corner of Russia you can get to the peninsula by land.

There are no less entertainment on the seaside. Walking on a yacht in the open sea, cruising along the coast, jet skiing, fishing, diving, parachuting. Just one evening Yalta embankment with many lights, musicians and establishments that invoke you with delicious aromas of seafood.

Where to go until the borders open? 13 ideas for traveling in Russia

Where to go after quarantine? Test

Let's find out what suits you best: lazy beaches or walking Europe.


A great option for all the wonderful men and their girlfriends. There are many beaches in Gelendzhik. Beginning from Primorye and up to Tonky Cape there are zones of boarding houses. They are usually for tourists who come for spa treatment. The entrance for mere mortals is paid, but you will have sun loungers, an equipped toilet and a children's animation program at your disposal. The beaches around the boarding houses are pebbly, the sea is clear and clean, and there are usually not so many tourists, as you know.

For the European atmosphere

St. Petersburg

Those who miss European streets, romantic verandas and beautiful architecture should arrange a weekend in St. Petersburg. Things to do? Walking on the rooftops and see the city from above, arrange a date on the banks of the Neva, watch the sunset in the Gulf of Finland and just walk along the atmospheric streets, looking into every courtyard - they are still works of art.

Where to go until the borders open? 13 ideas for traveling in Russia

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This city has always attracted tourists with its proximity to a seemingly different world. Its architecture has adopted European features and now its contrast is especially attractive. After a stormy summer, it is worth plunging into the measured calm and poetic landscapes of the former Königsberg.


We were also surprised, but the embankment in Yoshkar-Ola looks like like a real gingerbread town. Something even reminds of Amsterdam. Patriarchal Square is considered one of the most beautiful in Yoshkar-Ola, with an impressive architectural complex of 12 Apostles and Neuschwanstein Castle, yes, like in Bavaria.

Where to go until the borders open? 13 ideas for traveling in Russia

In St. Petersburg - to walk: a walking route through the Northern capital

A tourist walk: about how we burned calories and just burned them in St. Petersburg.


The third capital of Russia is located right on the border of the eastern and western worlds, which makes this city especially interesting. Several cultures are surprisingly combined here, modernity and archaism coexist. It is definitely worth visiting Kazan, if only to admire the Kremlin, walk along Bauman Street, choosing the most delicious offer from institutions, and run along the embankment along Kazanka. By the way, Kazan is included in the TOP-30 sports cities of the world in the international rating of Ultimate Sports Cities

For natural beauty


The arguments are here will be superfluous. The deepest lake in the world is already worth seeing, and the fact that its surroundings are teeming with rocks, caves, coves, islands, bays and waterfalls should make you pack your bags in minutes. Here you can breathe crystal clear air, see real seals, and in winter - drink a warming shot straight from the Baikal ice.

Where to go until the borders open? 13 ideas for traveling in Russia

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Another lake that caught our attention is located in the Volgograd region. Its peculiarity is that, despite its enormous size, in summer the depth of the lake rarely exceeds 7 centimeters. It's all about salt, of which, basically, the reservoir consists. The landscapes on Elton resemble Mars, it seems that everything around has died out and you are left alone in the Universe.


This is a taiga region where you can find a variety of trees , rocky parks, rivers, waterfalls and volcanoes. The peak of visits to these places is in the summer, but the winter northern nature is no less beautiful. Whenever you go, don't forget your camera.

Where to go until the borders open? 13 ideas for traveling in Russia

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An impressive sight!


Altai is about mountains and plateau, about valleys and steppes, lakes, mountain rivers and national parks. Seems to be pure Siberianair pricks the nose right from the photographs. Pieces of beauty are available even if you don't feel like going on a hike. But isn't that why you came to such a distant land? Of course, a bathhouse right in the middle of the mountains will serve as an excellent motivation for climbing.

Beyond the extreme


This peninsula is the personification of a rebellious element with geysers and volcanoes. Those who lack adrenaline make ascents to Avachinsky, Gorely, Mutnovsky and Koryaksky volcanoes and to Klyuchevskaya Sopka - the highest point of the peninsula. In addition, in Kamchatka, you can raft along the Opal and Bystraya rivers, and you can also go fishing there.

Where to go until the borders open? 13 ideas for traveling in Russia

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Mountain winding areas of the Caucasus are loved by lovers of hiking, skiing and snowboarding. Restless rivers have become favorite places for extreme rafting. Multi-day horseback riding tours help you get closer to nature. There are plenty of options.

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