How Long Should You Wait To Drink Water Before And After Meals

When can you drink water: before, after or during meals?

Water helps our body to function harmoniously. However, there are different ideas and beliefs regarding its consumption. Someone drinks water before meals so that food is easier to digest. And someone, on the contrary, is convinced that it is dangerous, since water dilutes the gastric juice and thereby slows down the digestion process. We decided to sort out this difficult issue.

When can you drink water: before, after or during meals?


Daily norm

The amount of water you drink must be calculated in relation to several factors: humidity and air temperature, human body temperature, weight, age and gender, physical activity, possible diseases or predisposition to them. It is almost impossible to form common norms for all. Therefore, each of us should carefully listen to our body and be guided by its signals. It's important to learn to recognize your thirst early on. Try to track your needs. To do this, take a sip of water every 30-60 minutes and drink as long as you want and drink with pleasure.

When can you drink water: before, after or during meals?

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When should you drink water?

It is also important to maintain a balance between water and food. Water does not dilute gastric juices or reduce acidity. This is a well-established myth. You can drink before, after, and during meals. It all depends on your goals.

Water, drunk on an empty stomach, leaves it pretty quickly: 300 ml - in a maximum of 15 minutes. Of course, you need to drink it wisely. A liter of water drunk leaves the stomach longer, and together with the food eaten, it can stretch its walls, which will lead to rather unpleasant sensations.

It is permissible to consume liquid while eating, especially if the food is dry. This will improve the permeability of the food bolus and soften the food. Water after meals is also the norm, if your body requires it. There are no clear rules and formulas here. Focus on your wants and needs. Learn to listen to your body.

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