What's new? 5 main healthy lifestyle trends in August

The last month of summer is the perfect time for the most exciting sports updates. We are sharing our fitness discoveries this month.

Nike launched the We Can't Stop Campaign

The project encourages people to unite, strive for a better future and change the world. Nike believes that sport gives strength to move on, regardless of obstacles. Neither the closure of the stadiums nor the cancellation of the competition stopped the real athletes. Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams, Megan Rapino and others participated in the commercials. The campaign was supported by such Russian athletes as Evgenia Medvedeva, Alexander Ovechkin, Alexander Golovin and Georgy Dzhikia.

Reebok presented eco-collections

The company has produced sportswear and footwear without the use of virgin polyester. Sport is becoming greener and committed to preserving the planet. All [REE] CYCLED products are made from recycled materials. It includes the beloved Classic Leather sneakers, as well as Furylight 3.0, Zig Kinetica and Nano X.

The [REE] GROW collection features sports equipment made from plant materials: eucalyptus bark, natural rubber and algae. Sneakers will cost you $ 7,999, and sports shorts $ 3,999.

Adidas Originals celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary Superstar sneakers

Yuri Dud, Nastya Ivleeva, Noize took part in the campaign MC and other stars. They talked about their work, shared their views on the modern world and vision of the future. The ideology of legendary sneakers is to defend your thoughts, create and be together.

Brand position is active supports Jonah Hill - actor, director and screenwriter. Jonah believes that only by uniting, adding together the experience of different generations, it is possible to achieve brilliant results. SUPERSTAR sneakers have become a symbol of youth, street culture and daring decisions. They say several characters will even present their collaborations with the brand.

Genetic tests are becoming more popular

Screenings, tests and examinations have become a new way to spend leisure time. Genetic tests are what helps to identify weak points and prevent problems in the future. The test is taken once, and its results are valid throughout life.

The process of taking tests takes about a few seconds: all you have to do is donate some amount of saliva into a test tube. However, then you have to be patient - the result is being prepared within 90 days. As a result, you get a complete dossier about your body, predispositions, genetics, 300 pages in size.

The test is indicated for those who are planning a pregnancy, have nutritional problems, as well as those who are simply interested in their heredity. sports, determine the level of endurance and the likelihood of injury.

Wellness tours instead of a beach holiday

In the conditions of the coronavirus, the usual travel has become a limited pleasure. Resting on a sun lounger abroad can be replaced with an equally enjoyable trip with fitness -program, nutritional system, wellness treatments and exciting activities.

This type of rest is especially great in that you will be immersed in a team sports atmosphere, which motivates and gives strength.You will definitely not have the opportunity to skip a workout or eat a high-calorie meal.The program includes daily yoga practices, stretching, strength exercises nirovka. Some tours include a personal chef who will be in charge of healthy eating. So, in Sochi, you can choose the most comfortable type of recreation for yourself: closer to the mountains or the sea. The possibility of a fitness tour is also available in Crimea.


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