What Happens if Your Body is Exposed to the Vacuum of Space?

What will happen to your body if you do a vacuum every day?

Are you still intimidated by videos on social media with belly sucking in? You are simply not aware of the effectiveness of this exercise. In vain! The vacuum helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles and improve the functioning of the internal organs. Here's how to do this exercise to achieve results.

What will happen to your body if you do a vacuum every day?

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The exercise is also suitable for men. Don't they want to speed up the metabolism, turn on the abdominal muscles and make the endocrine system work better?

How muscles work

One of the hardest to reach muscles on the abdomen - transverse. It is not very easy to pump it up, but it is precisely because of its weakness that a fat layer forms. With classic exercises, you work the rectus abdominis muscle (upper and lower abs). The vacuum helps to engage both the superficial and deep muscles of the press, including the transverse.

What will happen to your body if you do a vacuum every day?

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What else is vacuum useful for?

Bodybuilders and athletes use this exercise to reduce waist and create a flat stomach. It turns out that even Arnold Schwarzenegger used it for this. Indeed, the actor had a very narrow waist, and due to this, the desired V-shaped back was created.

5 minutes a day

Daily exercise will reduce your waist by 3 cm in week. And it is not just words. Fitness blogger Alisa Zakrevskaya conducted an experiment in which she made a vacuum for five minutes a day for a week. And the result was not long in coming. You may be able to do even better.

When to vacuum

Fitness trainers assure that the best time for a vacuum is in the morning. Moreover, it is better to perform the exercise on an empty stomach. It will wake up your metabolism and launch a powerful blood flow to all organs. On a full stomach, the exercise will not give in immediately, and holding your breath can worsen your well-being, so you should not risk it.


First of all, the exercise should not be performed by pregnant women, as well as by critical days.
People suffering from acute diseases of the abdominal cavity and small pelvis, chronic digestive diseases during exacerbations and tumors should also beware of the vacuum.

How to do the exercise correctly

For For best results, stand in front of a mirror to see your progress and improve your technique.

  1. Take a deep breath with your belly.
  2. Breathing out smoothly, pull your stomach back and forth.
  3. Hold your breath and lock yourself in this position.
  4. When you can't breathe, let your stomach out.
  5. Take a smooth breath.

Perform the exercise several times. For beginners, 3-5 repetitions are usually sufficient.

Life hack: To make it a little easier, lean forward and put your hands on your knees. The abdomen will almost pull itself up to the spine, and you will better feel the tension of the transverse muscle.
What will happen to your body if you do a vacuum every day?

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What will happen to your body if you do a vacuum every day?

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