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What will happen to tourism after the pandemic? Expert answers

Of course, we have already sat at home and have been waiting for the opening of the borders and the opportunity to travel again. In the meantime, we spend the rest of the week in self-isolation, we talked with the director of the travel agency Laguna Tour Dmitry Anpilogov about what awaits us after the end of the pandemic and what direction to choose for the first trip after a long break.

How are things in the tourism sector now? It seems that a thaw is coming.

There is no tourism as such now. Since mid-March, a ban has been introduced on any activity of travel companies, so they are waiting for a gradual return. It is difficult to make any predictions in the current situation. In some places, the thaw is really felt. In the Czech Republic, in fact, all restrictions have already been removed, hotels and airlines are starting to work. Turkey is also actively preparing for the start of the tourist season, which they plan to start in June. As for Russia, we are now in second place in terms of the number of cases. Whether other countries will let Russians in is a big question. And will our authorities release us to other countries?

What will happen to tourism after the pandemic? Expert answers


New requirements for screening

After the terrorist attack on September 11, all airports in the world introduced stringent requirements, thorough screening and a ban on bringing manicure supplies and liquids into the salon. It was a novelty for people, nevertheless, all airports in the world have switched to new operating rules. Due to the pandemic, changes are also expected in the near future. Perhaps, quick tests for infection will be created.

Should we expect price increases after a pandemic?

Experts assure that there will be price increases. The requirements for hotels and sanatoriums have become stricter. People need to be populated into rooms one at a time, so that the neighboring one is empty. In restaurants, only one person should sit at the table, sanitization and high chlorine content in the pools are required. And in case of morbidity, the accommodation facility turns into an observatory. The question arises: how much should it all cost? And would people want to risk their health so much for their money?

What will happen to tourism after the pandemic? Expert answers


What should those who have already bought tours do?

Summer was very actively booked during the winter months. Good prices, promotions, early booking system worked, and then what happened happened. As a result, tourists paid money to tour operators, and they, in turn, paid to the host parties and airlines. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to get a refund after the trip is canceled. Clients have the opportunity to use the same tours after the end of the pandemic or rebook them to new destinations.

But there is also a positive moment: those who bought tours in winter paid at a favorable rate. And all the funds of companies for paying for foreign tours are kept in foreign currency. Accordingly, the future trip will be much profitable.her.

Travel companies are closing?

Now travel agencies have no right to close, a moratorium on bankruptcy has been introduced. Since March, many of the companies have been forced to carry out transfers for free. By the way, it is worth noting that the vast majority of tourists behave with understanding, even sympathy.

Can countries not open their borders in 2020?

Each country acts differently in depending on the situation. It turns out that there are two poles: there are those states that the coronavirus has bypassed or with minimal consequences, and those that have suffered greatly. Both are afraid of each other. Nevertheless, the Czech Republic, Montenegro, Turkey and Spain say they will open their borders in the near future. Of course, with stricter security measures. The intentions of others are still unknown.

What will happen to tourism after the pandemic? Expert answers


Visas will be extended ?

Many countries, primarily from the Schengen area, said that for tourists who have already issued visas and could not use them, the terms will be extended for the next trip. But this does not apply to all countries.

Where will the Russians fly after self-isolation?

Of course, a surge in reservations is expected after the opening of the borders. Another question is that many are already losing their motivation and desire to travel, because the economic crisis is not far off. And it is quite possible that mass tourism will no longer be so massive.

What will happen to tourism after the pandemic? Expert answers

Where to go until the borders are opened? 13 ideas for traveling in Russia

At sea, in the mountains or beyond the extreme - it's up to you.

Development of domestic tourism

Currently, tourists they want to go anywhere, but now they cannot go anywhere. Therefore, when the restrictions are lifted, first of all, the development of domestic tourism will begin. The first to remove restrictions on travel around the country. First of all, people will go to the Black Sea coast, and then to other regions. Let's find out what our big country looks like.

Is it safe to travel? Travel experts answer your questions about the future of travel after COVID19

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