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On March 1, the movie From the bottom of the summit will be released. The picture tells about the difficult fate of the young skier Alexei Tsarev. As a result of a tragic fall during the descent, Alexei receives serious injuries, and he has to amputate both legs below the knee. Despite this, the guy finds the strength to continue training, because if there is a dream in life, you should take the risk and find the strength not to give up.

Before the release of the picture From the bottom of the summit, we recall films about the stories of athletes who, despite difficult life circumstances, they do not deviate from the path to their dreams.

Soul Surfer

The film is based on real events and tells about the life of surfer Bethany Hamilton. She has been surfing since childhood, but an accident changes the girl's whole life. At an early age, she is attacked by a shark, and as a result she loses her arm. However, Bethany still finds the strength to get back on the board, continue surfing and compete.

Hammer (Hamill)

The picture Hammer (Hamill) presents the life story of a professional wrestler Matt Hammer Hamill. Matt does not hear from the very birth, because of this it was very difficult for the boy. Hamilla was always supported by his grandfather, who believed that his grandson was no worse than the others. Matt's grandfather was sure that his grandson could become an excellent fighter. He brings Matt to the wrestling section, where the boy begins to train. Later, Hamill began competing in MMA and won numerous awards.


The drama follows the life of the African American runner Jesse Owens and his legendary performance at the 1936 Olympics. Jesse dreams of taking part in the Olympics, and he gets a chance to get to the Games in Berlin. However, during the preparation for the 1936 Olympics, the athlete faces many difficulties.

Pazman devil

Vinnie Pazienza is a successful boxer who is at the pinnacle of fame. Winnie gets into a car accident and receives numerous injuries. Doctors say that he will never be able to enter the ring again. Despite all the difficulties, Vinnie decides to start training again.

The home stretch

The film tells about the former runner Leila and the athlete Yannick. Yannick was involved in a plane crash that left him blind. After this incident, Yannick decides to give up everything and no longer run. However, a chance meeting with Leila helps him change his mind. They start training together and want to compete.

The Invisible Side

The painting The Invisible Side tells the story of professional American football player Michael Oer. In his youth, Michael faced many difficulties. After he loses his home, Lee Ann Tui comes to his aid. She takes the guy under her wing, and over time he becomes a full-fledged member of the family. Thanks to the support of the Tui family, Michael manages to cope with all the difficulties, stepgo to university and become a professional gambler.


Vince Papale is a schoolteacher who is forced to work as a bartender to earn some extra money for his family. One day he gets laid off, loses his job, and then his wife. Papale has always dreamed of playing American football at a professional level. The coach of a professional American football team is organizing a competition in which everyone can try to get into the team. Vince decides to take part and fulfill his old dream.

Peaceful Warrior

The film is based on the book The Peaceful Warrior's Way by American athlete Dan Millman. The film tells about the professional gymnast Dan, who often suffers from nightmares. Once in the store, he meets a mysterious stranger, whom he later calls Socrates. It is Socrates who begins to ask Dan questions that he had never thought about before.


The film tells about the famous American boxer James Braddock. The film takes place during the Great Depression. In order to feed a family, a professional boxer has to take on any job. Despite this, Jim still dreams of returning to the ring. One day he gets such a chance, but this time he has to fight the reigning champion. Braddock decides to accept the challenge and re-enter the ring.


The picture is based on real events and tells about the life of the athlete Louis Zamperini. After a long training session, the runner gets the chance to take part in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. He fails to win, but Louis hopes to take part and win the next Olympics. However, the war begins, and the athlete goes to the front. During one of the operations, the plane of Louis and his colleagues crashed over the ocean. The athlete, along with the surviving soldiers, spends 47 days on a lifeboat, and then ends up in a Japanese prisoner of war camp, where he spends the most difficult time in his life.


The legendary picture of Rocky Balboa known to many sports fans. The story of an unknown boxer who was able to achieve success is popular and loved by many to this day. Rocky fought only in the rings of his town, until one day he was offered to enter the ring against the world boxing champion Apollo Creed. Rocky agrees to this offer, although he realizes that only through increased training will he be able to resist Creed.

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