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What to see? Top 5 films about legendary sports victories

Last year gave us a lot of worthwhile movie premieres. Among them is the highest-grossing basketball drama Moving Up. We still remember the faces of spectators leaving the halls with tears in their eyes. For those who are inspired by the history of champions, we recalled five real-life films about incredible sports victories.

Ali (2001, USA)

Sports drama 18 years ago with Will Smith in the title role reveals the story of the American boxer Mohammed Ali. On account of his countless number of victories, the gold medal of the 1960 Olympic Games. Bold and confident, he rewrote history for African Americans in sports, defended the oppressed and fought for civil rights.

Coach Carter (2005, USA, Germany)

Based on a true story , which took place in 1999 in Richmond. The life of a typical American ghetto can be changed, as Coach Carter proves, who manages to captivate young guys with basketball. His monologues are a separate instruction that everyone can adapt to their own life.

Soul Surfer (2011, USA)

For those who are tired of raking snow and want to plunge into summer again, - the film Soul Surfer. This is not just a story, but a biopic about the life of surfer Bethany Hamilton, who at the age of 13 lost her arm as a result of a shark attack. The film is about a girl who, after a terrible psychological and physical trauma, is trying to find the strength to return to the sport, which was and remains the meaning of her life. And also about the ocean, of course.

Race (2013, UK, Germany, USA)

The story that formed the basis of the film took place over six years. Two young drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda live by striving to overtake each other and, of course, to take the very top step of the podium of Formula 1 winners. Who will succeed?

Eddie Eagle (2016, UK, USA, Germany)

You missed a lot if you haven't seen the movie about Michael Edwards, aka Eddie Eagle Edwards , - the most successful loser in the history of world sports. Like this? To understand, you need to watch a movie, and at the same time be inspired by the biographical story of a person whom no one took seriously.

If your soul requires something new, do not miss the premiere of Creed-2, one of the most anticipated sports releases.

In the center of the plot is the confrontation between boxers Victor Drago (son of Ivan Drago, a character from the legendary saga about Rocky) and Adonis Creed. Balancing personal circumstances and fighting in the ring, drama, challenge and Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren who are still hoo. Promises to be loud!

In theaters from January 10th.

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