Top 10 Hockey Movies

What to see? Top 10 Hockey Movies

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What to see? Top 10 Hockey Movies

What to see? 10 cult near-football films

About real football hooligans, real people and historical sporting events.

Today we bring to your attention a list of hockey films. It includes 10 films, each of which tells not only about legendary matches, but also about the life of great hockey players.

Legend # 17

The film Legend 17 tells about the legendary Soviet hockey player and striker USSR national team Valeria Kharlamova. He was one of the leading Soviet hockey players and was repeatedly recognized as the best player in the country. The picture is based on real events. In addition to the life story of Kharlamov, the film also tells about the legendary match between the USSR national team and Canada.

Mystery of Alaska

In the center of the picture are residents of the small town of Mystery in Alaska, who adore hockey. The city even has its own team. Perhaps no one would have found out about this, if not for the case. Everything changes when Mystery's hockey players accept the challenge of a professional team from the NHL.


On February 22, 1980, at the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, a match between the USSR and the USA national teams took place. Later it was called the Miracle on Ice, as the US team unexpectedly won. The film tells how the head coach of the US team Herb Brooks put together a team that managed to defeat the legendary USSR national team.

The Mighty Ducks

The film The Mighty Ducks tells about the rather successful lawyer Gordon Bombay ... Once Bombay got into a drunk driving, after which he was sentenced to community service. Gordon is appointed head coach of a not very successful children's hockey club. The main character will have to make the guys professionals and play with them in the final.


The main character of the picture is Doug Glatt. One day, together with his friend, Doug decides to go to a hockey game, where he gets into a fight with one of the hockey players. After this incident, he receives a call from the head coach of the hockey team, who offers him a job.


The film Champions tells about five outstanding Russian athletes. Biathlete Nikolai Kruglov, snowboarder Yekaterina Ilyukhina, speed skater Svetlana Zhurova and figure skaters Anton Sikharulidze and Elena Berezhnaya are the heroes of the film. The fifth story of the film is dedicated to the famous hockey player Ilya Kovalchuk.

Kings of the Ice

A youth film about the boy Jeannot, who moves with his father to a small town in Quebec. The boy plays hockey well, which is why he gets an invitation to the local team. After thinking, Jeannot decides to agree, but not all team members accept the newcomer well.

Young blood

The only dream of the young hero of the film, Dean, is to become a professional hockey player. The guy lives on a small farm with his brother and father, so at first it seems that his dream does not existis real. Suddenly, he still gets the chance to play for a professional hockey team. Dean moves to a new city, but in a new place everything turns out not to be as he imagined.

Maurice Richard

The film is dedicated to the life of the legendary hockey player Maurice Richard. Richard became the first hockey player who managed to throw 50 goals into the opponent's goal in one season. He subsequently received the nickname Rocket. The film tells about the difficult path that Richard went through before becoming successful.

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Reggie Dunlop - playing the coach of the Charleston Chiefs hockey team. Reggie's team is going through hard times, constantly losing, and the audience is already losing interest in their games. Daplop decides he needs players who can attract fans again. He invites the Hanson brothers to the team, who are used to playing pretty tough ...


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