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What to see? 18 sports films for the New Year holidays

The Championship has compiled its own list of sports films. It includes 18 films about sports that will tell you the stories of great athletes, famous clubs and just help you have fun during your New Year holidays.

Pele: The Birth of a Legend

The story of a simple Brazilian boy who grew up to be one of the planet's greatest footballers. The film tells about Pele's childhood, his love for football, about his family and growing up as a person and a football player. The film will be of interest not only to football fans, but also to those who are far from the world of sports.

United: Munich tragedy

The film is based on real events. In February 1958, the Red Devils were returning home after a successful game against Belgrade's Crvena Zvezda in the European Cup quarterfinals. However, the team never made it home. The plane, on board of which, in addition to the team's players, were representatives of the coaching staff, journalists and fans, could not take off, as a result of which a tragedy occurred. Manchester United lost most of their team, which consisted of young and promising footballers. However, head coach Sir Matt Busby and his assistant Jimmy Murphy managed to revive the club and again make it one of the best not only in England, but also in the world.


The first part of the Goal trilogy tells the story of an ordinary guy Santiago Munez, who loves football more than anything else and dreams of playing at a professional level. In the first two films of the trilogy, such famous football players as Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, Alan Shearer, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos appear on the screen.

Play like Beckham

Another story of a man who loves football and dreams of playing in the best clubs in the world. This time the heroine of the picture is the Indian girl Jess. The girl's family dreams of her being a lawyer, but the heroine herself longs to play football professionally and devotes all her free time to training. One day Jess meets Jules, who helps her get into a women's football club. The girl manages to get into a professional club, but she did not tell her parents about it.

The invisible side

The film is based on real events and tells about the player of the professional American football club Michael Oer. Michael loses his home and Lee Ann Tui comes to his aid. She takes him under her wing and over time the guy becomes a member of the Tui family. Thanks to the family's support, Michael manages to go to university and become a professional player.


The main character of the film is gymnast Hayley Graeme. Previously, the girl had fame and popularity, but she loses everything and decides to no longer engage in professional gymnastics. Everything changes when Hayley nearly ends up in jail. The girl is faced with a choice: either to go to a closed gymnastics school, or to go to prison for hooliganism. The girl chooses gymnastics and eventually finds friends and becomes the team leader.


Successful professional boxer Billy Hope loses everything overnight. In an accident, his wife dies, after which his manager leaves and he is deprived of parental rights. For the sake of his daughter, Hope decides to start a new life. He starts training again and wants to regain the title of champion.

Maradona: The Hand of God

Many films have been shot about Diego Armando Maradona. This picture tells the story of the growing up of the legendary Argentinean. He grew up, fell in love, made mistakes, but despite this, he became one of the most legendary football players in the world.

Legend # 17

Valery Kharlamov is a legendary Soviet hockey player, striker of the USSR national team. He was one of the leading Soviet hockey players and was repeatedly recognized as the best player in the country. The Legend 17 film is based on real events and is dedicated to the great hockey player and the legendary match between the USSR national team and Canada.

Million Dollar Baby

Maggie Fitzgerald is a brave and persistent girl who loves boxing. She works as a waitress and one day decides to enroll in the boxing section. Maggie desperately wants to train, but head coach and gym owner Frankie Dunn refuses to help her. The heroine herself begins to study, and over time, Dunn notices the girl's talent. Maggie begins to compete and succeeds in fighting for the WBA title.

The Man Who Changed Everything

Billy Bean is the general manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team. The main thing Billy wants is to build a baseball team that can compete. The team does not have great financial resources, but there is a manager who knows exactly what scheme his team should follow.

The Wrestler

The main character of the film is Randy Robinson. Randy's world revolves around wrestling. He is a popular and experienced fighter. Everything changes when doctors tell the hero that he has heart problems and needs to quit wrestling. The hero faces a choice: life or sport.


After the end of his professional career, one of the football players decides to become a coach, someone is an expert on television, and someone, how Eric Cantona or Vinnie Jones, choose an acting career. In the comedy Bone Breaker, Winnie Jones plays Danny Meehan, a retired soccer player who goes to jail. Danny is not sitting idle there, he decides to create his own football team from prisoners and play against the guards.

Slaughter football

Another sports comedy - Slaughter football. The picture was released 16 years ago, but it still has fans. Stephen Chow's film follows Cena and his crew. Sin's main goal is to make kung fu popular all over the world. However, in addition to kung fu, Xing is doing well with the ball, and former footballer and coach Feng notices this. Together they form a soccer team and apply to compete in the Hong Kong Championship.

Never Give Up

Youth drama that focuses on mixed martial arts. The main character is JakeTyler who was the star of the soccer team. However, after moving to a new city, the hero fails to get along with local teenagers. Everything changes when a guy starts practicing martial arts with an experienced coach.

Coach Carter

The picture is based on real events from the life of former basketball player and coach Ken Carter. Carter becomes coach of the Richmond Oilers high school basketball team. Thanks to him, the team begins to show a stable game and win. However, Carter believes that, in addition to sports, his players must study well. He decides not to allow players with poor school performance to play. This decision, of course, leads to criticism from parents and school officials.

The Fighter

Like the previous film, this picture is based on the real life story of Mickey Ward - a boxer and former champion the world. Mickey was forced to take a break from his career, but under the guidance of his half-brother Dicky, he decides to return to the ring.


The story of the African-American runner Jesse Owens. Back in high school, the coach noticed Jesse's athletic ability, so he began to train and then win races. Thanks to his talent and perseverance, the athlete went to the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936, where he managed to win four medals.

Run, Milka, Run

The picture is based on real events. The film is dedicated to the Indian runner Milka Singh. Milka personally communicated with the director of the film and talked about his life. The film covers all the important moments in the life of an athlete: the loss of family in 1947, victories in the Asian and British Empire and Commonwealth of Nations Games, and participation in the Olympic Games.


This list would not be complete without one of the most popular sports movies. The legendary picture of the boxer Rocky Balboa has long been a hit. The film became the highest grossing film in 1976 and brought Sylvester Stallone worldwide fame. Perhaps even people who are not interested in sports have probably watched at least one of Rocky's parts. The film has millions of fans, and the following parts of the picture still rivet to the screens of viewers from all over the world.

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