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What to see? 10 cult near-football films

The Championship has compiled a list of films that will tell you about the non-fictional stories of the football community, as well as the life stories of famous football players and clubs.

Green Street Hooligans

In a nutshell : a film about real football hooligans.

Many films have been made in Great Britain about football fans, or rather hooligans (for example, the Football Factory). However, this picture became the best among them and was loved by the audience even 13 years after it was released. The Green Street Hooligans film tells about the American Matthew Buckner, who had to quit his studies in America and move to London to live with his sister. It is in London that Matt gets to know from the inside the world of English football hooligans and is imbued with their philosophy.


In a nutshell: it is based on a real life story.

Another picture about football hooligans, or rather about one of them. The film tells the story of the life of a real person - Carol Cass Pennant. Cass was an orphan until he was adopted by a wealthy family in England. Pennant began rooting for English football club West Ham United, and in the 1970s, Cass formed the Inter City Firm of West Ham United.

Pennant became the first football hooligan to serve three years in prison for organizing mass riots. Cass's film is based on the autobiography of Cass Pennant himself, who wrote it while in prison. Now almost 60 years old, Pennant continues to write and act in films and on television.

Goal / Goal 2

In a nutshell: a film about ordinary guys who love football .

It was the first two parts of the Goal trilogy that the viewer remembered most. In the first part of the picture, the main character Santiago Munez tries to fulfill his dream and fights for a chance to play for the English club Newcastle United. In the second part of the film, Santiago moves to a new club - Real Madrid. After moving to Real Madrid, the life of a football player changes dramatically. Santiago is beginning to develop new interests that have nothing to do with football ...

Finding Eric

Eric Cantona is a legendary footballer of the French national team and the football club Manchester United. His game was admired by all the fans of the team, they even gave him the nickname King Eric. However, this film is not at all about the famous footballer of the Red Devils. This picture is about an ordinary postman Eric Bishop. Eric is one of the many fans who admired the legendary Canton's performance. Bishop is going through difficult times, but everything changes when King Eric himself comes to the postman.


Perhaps this picture can be added to the list of films about football hooligans. Winnie Jones, a former professional footballer, is known to football fans for his tough temper. The film Bonecrusher is one of Vinnie's first jobs as an actor. In the film, Jones plays the role of former football player Danny Meehan, who goes to prison. Bonecrusher - an unusual story about a criminal who managed quicklyloot the football team in the prison and play against the prison guards.

Pele: The Birth of a Legend

Important to know: Based on true events.

Pele's painting: The Birth of a Legend was released in 2016, but even now it can be called one of the best in the genre of near-football films. The film tells about the growing up and life of one of the greatest and famous Brazilian footballers - Edson Arantis do Nascimento or simply Pele.

This film is not only about Pele's life. This picture is about the people of Brazil who needed a miracle. About parents who believed in their son's talent and, of course, about a simple Brazilian boy who loved football with all his heart.

United: Munich tragedy

Important to know: based on real events.

On February 6, 1958, the players and the coaching staff of the English football club Manchester United, as well as several journalists who were on the plane, were involved in a plane crash. As a result of the tragedy, almost all the players of the main team of the club died and were seriously injured, and only a few people were able to continue playing after.

The head coach of the Red Devils Sir Matt Busby and his assistant Jimmy Murphy were able to make the team again was able to win.

Damned United

Important to know: based on real events.

The picture tells about one of the most famous football coaches in Great Britain Brian Clafé. After retiring as a professional football player, Clough decides to start a coaching career and becomes the coach of the English club Derby County. To the surprise of many, the aspiring coach, along with his team, wins the English Championship. However, Brian is stepping down as head coach of Derby County. After that, he begins to coach Leeds United, which at that time was the leader of the English Championship ...

Deadly football

Features of the genre: near-football comedy.

What happens if you mix two opposite sports - kung fu and football? You will learn the answer to this question in the comedy Slaughter Football. The story of the master of kung fu, Sin, who by chance decides to assemble a football team and play in the Hong Kong championship, fell in love with many football fans and, it should be noted, not only them.

Play like Beckham

Features of the genre: near-football comedy.

David Beckham is the idol of millions, including the main character of the film Jessica. Jess is an Indian girl whose family has moved to London. Since childhood, she dreamed of only one thing - to play football at a professional level, like her idol. However, the heroine's parents are categorically against this, they see their daughter as a lawyer, but not a football player. Once at training, Jess meets Jules and the heroine's dream is slowly beginning to come true.

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