TOP 5 SHOWS IF: You're Into Sports

What to see? 10 best TV shows about sports

Many sports boast an amazing mix of action, drama and unpredictable twists and turns of fate. And if you add love, humor and personal experiences to this, you get a great plot for the series. In our selection - ten TV series about sports for every taste. There are dramatic, comedy, and biographical films here. You will definitely find something to your liking. So grab some popcorn and enjoy watching!

What to see? 10 best TV shows about sports

Top 10 Sports Movies of All Time

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Football players (USA, 2015- ...)

Victories, fame, money - that part of the life of American football stars that most imagine when watching for athletes on TV. But, in addition to grueling training and competition, they have friends, families and problems common to all people.

The series is geared more towards a male audience: rather tough humor and a lot of American football. But the female part will clearly like the star cast, because the main role was played by Dwayne Johnson himself. By the way, in order to play Spencer Strasmore, the actor lost almost 10 kilograms.

Fans of the series joke that the film is a must-see for girls who dream of marrying a famous athlete. It is worth watching in order, if not to abandon this idea completely, then at least roughly understand what you need to prepare for.

Out of the game (Russia, 2018)

The first honest series about our football - this is the slogan chosen by the creators of the picture, and for good reason. Outside the game, he talks, first of all, about the problems of youth football in Russia.

According to the plot, Phil was once a professional and promising footballer, but by the will of fate now he works as a scout at the Lokomotiv school. Disappointed in life and sports, he prefers to wash down all problems with strong alcohol. The case in the person of an ardent fan of Lokomotiv Sasha introduces the hero to a promising football player Denis Rybalchenko. From that moment on, Phil's goal is to help Denis become a professional.

Interestingly, all the roles of young athletes are played by the current players of the youth league. Football players Dmitry Tarasov, Anton and Alexey Miranchuk, Dmitry Barinov and Dmitry Loskov also played themselves in the series.

Glitter (USA, 2017-…)

Everything is here: beautiful women, sparkling humor and ... fights, because this series will tell you about women's wrestling. It is called Glitter or GLOW, which stands for Gorgeos Ladies Of Wrestling. The plot is based on the history of the show of the same name, whose peak of fame came at the end of the eighties of the last century. Interesting fact: the recruitment of participants for the show took place in the gymale Barbarella`s Gym, owned by Jackie Stallone (Sylvester Stallone's mother).

The plot of the series is typical of Hollywood: a dream of an acting career, grueling castings and failure. But this led the main character to wrestling. The girl had bright makeup, voluminous styling, dressed in spandex and sent to conquer the arenas, and she did it great.

What to see? 10 best TV shows about sports

Fragile, but strong. 10 girls in men's sports

It's hard to tell by these beauties whether to expect a sweet smile or a hook on the right.

Many characters in the series are based on real women wrestlers. So, for the image of Ruth Zoe the destroyer, the creators were inspired by a real-life female wrestler, acting under the pseudonym Colonel Ninochka. By the way, there are several professional wrestlers in the cast. For example, Kia Stevens, who plays Tammy the Good Queen.

Being Serena (USA, 2018)

Being Serena is a documentary series on HBO about the world famous tennis player - Serena Williams. In the center of the storyline is the most significant and intimate period of her life - marriage to Alexis Ohanyan, pregnancy and early motherhood, as well as the subsequent return to court. In the series, Serena tells in the first person about all the events in her life. The narration includes documentary footage of ultrasound sessions and the first seconds after childbirth. There were five episodes in total. By the way, the series was nominated for a sports Emmy award in three nominations at once.

Submission (USA, 2016-2017)

The series tells the story of Jeannie Baker, the first female baseball player in the men's team that played in the Major League. Although the San Diego Padres team does exist, Ginny herself is a fictional character. Like every newbie, she has to prove that she deserves her place. In addition, the heroine is faced with discrimination on the basis of gender, because baseball has long been considered an exclusively male sport.

The series, by the way, is also suitable for those who do not understand baseball at all - there will be an excellent reason to study your favorite game Americans.

Let's get some exercise (USA, 2018-…)

The series is made in the best traditions of American comedies: the main character is a loser Joe Force. Having lived to middle age, he never achieved anything in life. And then one day everything turns upside down: after the death of his father, Joe inherited the family gym, and in addition $ 8 billion. But in order to inherit, he needsIt is necessary to fulfill the last wish of the parent, namely: to win the aerobics championship.
His mother becomes Joe's partner, and his main competitors are real gymnastics gurus: his teenage enemies Claudia and her husband Barry.

Fire it up! (USA, 2013-…)

The NBA pro team cheerleader is more than just dancing. It is gymnastics, acrobatics, plasticity and choreography, spiced up with bright makeup and stunning costumes.

What to see? 10 best TV shows about sports

Vulgarity or necessity: why cheerleaders wear short skirts ?

The history and evolution of shape on the cheerleaders.

The series follows the life of the Los Angeles Devils cheerleader. While the guys play ball, the girls put on a hot show. The intrigue of the series is given by the ban on love affairs between cheerleaders and basketball players, which, in general, is repeatedly violated. Sometimes while watching the series, it seems as if you have included a professional clip or musical - everything is so thought out, beautiful and clear.

One Tree Hill (USA, 2003-2012)

One Tree Hill Tree is an American teen drama and numerous Teen Choice Awards nominees. Aside from the love of basketball, it seems like the main characters, Lucas and Nathan, have nothing in common. Except for one secret - they have one father.

18 years ago, promising basketball player Dan Scott received a scholarship at the university, abandoned his pregnant girlfriend Karen and left the city. His basketball career didn't work out, but he did with his personal life - Dan married his classmate Deb, who bore him another son.

What to see? 10 best TV shows about sports

His Air Michael Jordan. The 5 Rules of a Basketball Legend

What is the secret of the most successful basketball player in history?

Life pits two brothers against each other when the quiet Lucas joins Nathan's basketball team. The latter is a high school star and belongs to the wealthiest family in town. Among other things, the series is named after one of the songs by the band U2, so good soundtracks in a style close to them are guaranteed.

Gymnasts (USA, 2009-2012)

The series was released to the Olympic Games in London. The three main characters - ambitious gymnasts Lauren Tenner, Payson Keeler and Kayleigh Cruz - have great chances of winning the upcoming Olympics. But the situation changes when a new one comes to the sports camp, but nothing is a stepEmily Kmetko is a passionate athlete.

The series is imbued with a spirit of rivalry and competition that goes beyond sports. In Gymnasts, typical problems of adolescents are also touched upon: conflicts with parents, misunderstandings with the coach, problems in study. But the main characters are professional athletes, which greatly distinguishes them from ordinary teenagers: instead of parties - workouts, instead of guys - a strict coach, instead of girlfriends - competitors. In the original, the series is called Make It or Break It, which fully reflects the essence of what is happening on the screen.

Friday Night Lights (USA, 2006 - 2011)

Small town state Texas lives on football: on Friday nights shops close, streets empty, life stops. All residents gather at the stadium to support the local team.

The plot begins with the first game of the new season, where the team is managed by a newly minted coach - Eric Taylor. He recently arrived in the city and is now improving his life. This is a series about victories and defeats, love and friendship, loyalty and betrayal.

Realistic characters, life situations and a little shaky shooting - all this is more like documentary films. When watching, it feels like you are just spying on the life of a small town. By the way, the series is highly praised by critics: Lights have several solid awards, including Emmy.

What to see? 10 best TV shows about sports

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