Benefits of Having a Personal Nutrition Coach (WAG Q&A Ep. 32)

What to order in a restaurant if you are on a diet? Wellness coach answers

Explains expert of the Championship wellness coach Andrey Semeshov.

The number of extra calories you eat at the dinner table is directly proportional to the number of participants in the meal. You eat MORE when you eat with MORE people, or you eat MORE if you eat with MORE people. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from Case Western University (Ohio, USA).

What to order in a restaurant if you are on a diet? Wellness coach answers

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

If you do not have problems with being overweight, you are not prone to overeating, then this is not a problem. Now we ate more, then we ate less. And you are still maintaining a healthy balance.

A different story with those who are trying to defeat excess weight. And if this is still multiplied by psychological roughness in eating behavior, then any public feast becomes a real problem. It goes so far that an invitation to dinner at a restaurant is perceived by such zealots as stress. And instead of enjoying communication and delicious food, they either suffer with a glass of mineral water, or suffer from the fact that they sweep away everything that their eyes see. And then they still run to work out excess in the gym ...

Alas, but from the standpoint of nutritionology, wellness coaching, it is impossible to help in the case of real eating disorders. This is the realm of psychotherapy at best and psychiatry at its worst. But let's not talk about the sad, but let's figure out how to go to restaurants for those who have fun and successfully reduce weight and get in shape.

The most important rule is not to become a social outcast and not refuse invitations. Weight loss, dietary restrictions are not a sentence! After all, no one has grown fat from pleasant communication with pleasant people. Let's figure out calories now.

What to order in a restaurant if you are on a diet? Wellness coach answers


Use the standard subjective scale of hunger, ranging from very, very hungry and ending with I can’t look at food. In the case of restaurants, do not go there when you are really hungry, that is, with an empty stomach.

On this day, slightly reduce the usual calorie intake of meals preceding the restaurant. It will be enough to cut 200-300 calories.

It is unlikely that you are going to a restaurant in the morning, so you will probably have time to slightly increase your physical activity that day. Note that we do this BEFORE the restaurant, not afterwards. A run, an intense walk at a brisk pace, a couple of additional approaches in the gym, and so on, will do. Do not have time during the day? Schedule a workout the evening before.

If possible, choose a restaurant yourself. So it will be easy for you to navigate the menu, choose suitable dishes and not order too much.

The restaurant was not chosen by you? Also not scary. Check out the menu on the Internet, check which dishes they offer steamed or grilled.

Be the first to order (even if it is not very consistent with etiquette). Research data suggests that when ordering after someone, there is a great risk of telling the waiter those dishes that someone has already chosen. They are unlikely to be optimal for you.

What to order in a restaurant if you are on a diet? Wellness coach answers


Stopped your choice on grilled meat? Be sure and persistently ask the waiter to convey to the cooks a request not to add oil. The fact is that although grilling does not involve the use of oils, the overwhelming majority of food service technological charts prescribe it to be generously used, this speeds up the cooking process and makes the dish tastier.

At the same time, specify what dressings for salads, be it olive oil , mayonnaise and so on, you need to serve separately. Add the required volume yourself. And yes, you don't need to bring bread or some other welcome snacks either.

In general, do not arrange a tragedy from a single trip to a restaurant, which will certainly and irrevocably cancel out all your weight-loss efforts. No, no trouble and obesity will happen. If you exercise wisely, adhere to a correctly developed calorie restriction system, then even if you eat a little more that day, then the body uses the excess for recovery, and will not begin to store in fats. In the end, a restaurant is just an excuse for everyone to get together and exchange news, celebrate a pleasant event. And the main thing here is not calories, but emotions. And focus on this. Set aside your cutlery more often and pay more attention to keeping the conversation going. And everything will be fine.


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