What to do in the summer? List of activities for which you don't have to leave the house in the heat

During the long period of self-isolation, the online format has become an integral part of our life. And now, when the restrictions are gradually being lifted, a huge number of events continue to be held on the Internet. Lectures, trainings, live information broadcasts - all of this can still be used to diversify the weekend if you don't want to leave the house in the heat at all. We'll tell you what internet activities await us in the near future.

Beginner Nike Running Stream

When? June 20

Nike is launching a series of regular live streams on its official VK community. Together with brand friends, athletes and public figures, you can train, explore innovations and talk about the future of sports.

The first broadcast starts tomorrow at 16:00. In it, the presenters promise to talk honestly and funny about running for beginners together with rap artist Big Russian Boss. But that's not all! So that, in a fit of jokes, you don't forget why you connected to the broadcast, the Olympic champion, head coach of the Russian national athletics team and Nike Run Club instructor Yuri Borzakovsky, as well as athlete and blogger Maria Malysheva will share their expert opinion on trainings and starts.

What to do in the summer? List of activities for which you don't have to leave the house in the heat

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International adidas Yoga Day

When? June 21

What to do in the summer? List of activities for which you don't have to leave the house in the heat

Photo: adidas Press Service

International Yoga Day will take place on Sunday. In honor of this, the adidas team and the sports studio ZARYAD have prepared several online activities for everyone. These will include an hour-long practice with the co-founder of the studio Ulyana Kondratenko and a master class on making a light smoothie bow, which will be a great breakfast in the summer. And in order to precisely set a harmonious rhythm for the day, the program will end with meditation and sound healing with brand ambassador Natalya Osmann.

You can join the event on your @adidasrussia Instagram account. All events will take place live. Start at 10:00, don't oversleep!

Brain & fitness project

The Polytechnic Museum and the World Class fitness chain have teamed up to educate you about sports from a scientific point of view and, of course, work out together. The Polytech's YouTube channel regularly publishes videos with effective exercises and lectures on topics that many of us probably did not even think about. For example, have you guessed why athletes jump higher and run faster? How do they manage to set new records in competitions? Brain & fitness project leaders will tell about the endless abilities of our body and technological progress.

What to do in the summer? List of activities for which you don't have to leave the house in the heat

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International Olympic Day

When? 23 June

Sports fans around the world will celebrate International Olympic Day next week. Both online and offline activities will be organized in Russia. There will be ramps, a basketball court and a skate park near the building of the Olympic Committee, where mini-contests with the participation of members of the national team will be held. And on the official website of the ROC, a marathon will take place, according to the rules of which champions will answer questions from viewers live, take part in training and an intellectual quest, and will also award the most active Internet users.

In addition, a professional gymnast and the winner of the Games in Rio Margarita Mamun will conduct an online training session on @Olympics and @Olympic_russia on Instagram. The lesson will become part of a large-scale international action that will continue throughout the day. Every hour, athletes from different countries will go live and show viewers basic exercises to keep fit.

What to do in the summer? List of activities for which you don't have to leave the house in the heat

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Exercise and cooking with Moscow seasons

Moscow Seasons project is also not stayed away from the trend online. Every day, the guys show their followers on social networks yoga exercises that will help them stay in good shape, and hold culinary master classes. Experienced chefs, pastry chefs and bloggers become their hosts: Andrey Bunbich, Yuri Knizhnik, Ekaterina Kokoreva and Maxim Lissitsky. If you have long wanted to learn how to cook unusual, but not very complicated dishes, then now is the time to try!

Health & Safety courses in English

For confident English speakers, MIT and Harvard University back in 2012 founded a platform with online courses from the world's leading educational institutions. By the way, there is also a section Health & Safety, where you can find programs in areas related to physical and mental health, an active lifestyle. Most of the courses are completely free, unless you want to get a certificate of the listener - then you will have to pay $ 49.


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