5 EASY Summer Outfit Ideas Every Guy Should Try

What sneakers to choose for the summer and what to wear with them? 5 stylish solutions

Sneakers and sneakers are an essential attribute of a modern wardrobe. They are relevant in all seasons and fit well with almost any look. That is why major clothing brands and fashion houses have been focusing on the creation of sports shoes for several seasons. This summer, the list of trends has also expanded. We tell you which models are included.

What sneakers to choose for the summer and what to wear with them? 5 stylish solutions

Beyond training: the main modern trends in sports style

Previously, these things were worn for jogging, but now they confidently walk the catwalk in them.

With neon inserts

It seems that laconic white and black sneakers will never go out of fashion ... But this does not mean that colorful models cannot compete with them. In recent designer collections, shoes with neon inserts or completely painted in acid tones are increasingly appearing. Such couples have already been seen at the Gucci, Balenciaga and Off-White shows.


If a couple of years ago we were amazed at transparent bags (Why should everyone see what's inside?) , then few people will be surprised with the same sneakers. Moschino shoes and the adidas Superstar 80s model, on which the brand worked with artist Blondie McCoy, are the best examples of this. These couples do not stay on the storefront.

What sneakers to choose for the summer and what to wear with them? 5 stylish solutions

Moving forward: 7 new technologies in running shoes

New innovations and breakthroughs that await us in 2020.


The trend of tennis aesthetics has made lightweight sneakers and canvas shoes back on the trend list. Of course, the white color is considered a classic of courts, but it is not necessary to give preference to it. In modern lookbooks, there are models of different shades: from gray and pale pink to fuchsia.


You may be tired of experimenting with only colors. Then prints come to the rescue, which, by the way, look no less stylish. Camouflage, leopard, tiger, floral and cartoon designs will be a winning outfit detail.

And if this is not enough, then there is another original solution - sneakers with a smooth print stretch, like Pinko.

What sneakers to choose for the summer and what to wear with them? 5 stylish solutions

Cartoon for adults: 5 popular pairs of sneakers with Disney characters

Wear sneakers with Mickey Mouse is no longer stupid.

Old school

Classic models with renewed vigorburst into the fashion industry. Typically, you should look for these shoes in sports brand stores. It costs less than a luxury one, but at the same time it is not inferior to it in popularity. Reebok Classic, New Balance 373, Nike Air Force and adidas Originals Gazelle - it's hard to imagine modern street style without these long-legendary pairs.

What to combine trendy sneakers with?

Choosing a trendy pair is only half the battle. It is equally important to figure out how and with what new sneakers to wear. For some practical tips, check out our video guide.

Whatever you decide to combine sneakers with this summer, the main thing is that you are the one who is comfortable in the created image. Try to experiment: perhaps a new trend will follow the occasional bold decision.

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