What kind of Zhdun are you and why does spring come so late because of you?

Preparing for the summer season, spring beriberi and the weather, which is capricious - all this is a great stress for our body. This is what so often makes our brain postpone preparing for summer until the last. Find out what symptoms of waiting you have and how to start fighting them today.

1. Zhdun - zhrun

Diagnosis : I constantly eat, but I can't eat: what, then I will go hungry all day?

Solution problems : PP (in other words, proper nutrition) does not have a placebo effect, that is, you do not need to persuade your brain that from a spoonful of fiber and two pieces of cottage cheese you should feel satiety - you will really experience it. It is not for nothing that nutritionists always decompose such familiar products into components (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) and put them on two scales. So, to get enough calories for your body, you can eat 4 chocolate bars or snack on three healthy and varied meals throughout the day. Life hack: in order to calculate the number of calories necessary for losing weight or gaining muscle mass, download the very fashionable and absolutely free Fat Secret application to your phone. And devote one evening at home to find your favorite burgers, pies and even (!) Fast food milkshakes through the search. I promise you that the calorie intake of even the smallest and most harmless purchase can surprise you very much.

What kind of Zhdun are you and why does spring come so late because of you?

2. Waiting - dreamy

Diagnosis : I want to go to Paris; But Katya has just returned from Ty! That's it, now I want to go to Tai; I want a longboard, Sveta has it from work; I want, I want, I want ....

Problem solving : we fight melancholy through setting real and desired goals. Hang up your refrigerator with stickers with monthly goals, set up a challenge with your friends: who will lose weight faster or start going to bed on time? Do not be afraid to tell people around you about what indicators in this or that area for yourself you are going. Many active Instagram users say that they started this social network solely in order to find support from like-minded people.

What kind of Zhdun are you and why does spring come so late because of you?

3. Waiting - promising

Diagnosis : I'll buy a treadmill and start exercising !; I have a park nearby, tomorrow I'll start running; As soon as the salary comes, I will immediately buy a fitness subscription. It doesn't matter that he is far away, I will drive.

Problem solving : Do not put off the thoughts that arise during the day. Challenge yourself to start with one thing every day that scares you. Afraid to write a letter to your boss or check your bank account? Start your day with this. Just one strong act, which no longer needs to be put off and carried around with ballast from day to day, can dramatically change the way things are done.

What kind of Zhdun are you and why does spring come so late because of you?

4 ... Waiting - depresun

Diagnosis : I don't want anything.

Problem solving : mMany people mistakenly believe that their depression, which did not appear during the spring, is solely due to their personal problems, lack of motivation, or work that suddenly ceased to bring joy. Scientists and psychologists are struggling to prove that this is not so and that in the case of apathy that happens in spring, it is not the thoughts in your head that are to blame, but the general exhaustion of the body after a long winter. Yes, let's go to the pharmacy, buy vitamins and start looking at the world from a different perspective. Life hack: choose effervescent vitamins that can be diluted in water. The fact is that they are absorbed in the body much faster, which means they start to act faster.

What kind of Zhdun are you and why does spring come so late because of you?

5. Classic Zhdun

Diagnosis : this is about those who are very much looking forward to summer in the spring, complaining in summer that it is very hot and sooner autumn, in the fall they think sooner New Year, and already January 1 This winter is boring, it would be spring.

Solution : write down five things for which you love this time of year or, for example, your project at work. Try to remember them more often, put a note with a list of items in front of you on your desktop or put it as a bookmark in your diary. A very common phenomenon among the inhabitants of the metropolis - to value things only when they are no longer attainable - have remained in the past or will happen in the distant future. Learning to fully enjoy the moment that is happening to you right now is priceless!

What kind of Zhdun are you and why does spring come so late because of you?
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