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What is the slow food movement and how to follow it?

In the modern world of fast food and a fast pace of life, we forget about what we eat. These are often not the freshest foods and contain a huge amount of preservatives and additives. In pursuit of preserving every minute, we began to forget to enjoy life and appreciate its precious moments.

The rapidly developing slow food movement is just trying to resist this rush and remind about conscious food consumption. His followers make a huge contribution to the preservation of regional products, as well as the protection of biodiversity on the planet. Every year more and more people learn about the concept of a measured life and begin to share their principles.

What is slow food?

Generally speaking and speaking globally, then slow food is, first of all turn, the food culture movement. Therefore, one should not translate its name literally, although, undoubtedly, one should not forget about the measured consumption of food. The movement is trying to remind people that one can and should enjoy life leisurely and at the same time be a conscious consumer. The organization's logo - a snail - vividly reflects the main concept of Slow Food. She also moves slowly and eats what nature gives her. However, the symbol also hides a reference to the geographical origin: the snail is a specialty in the vicinity of the city of Bra in northern Italy, where the movement originated.

What is the slow food movement and how to follow it?


Then local gourmets were outraged by the opening of McDonald's in one of the old mansions. In their opinion, the fast food restaurant not only took out of place, but also violated the centuries-old principles and traditions of Italian food. Activists have created a manifesto calling on all sane people to boycott not only the restaurant, but the entire fast food culture in general. And then they founded an organization called Slow Food.

What is the slow food movement and how to follow it?

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What does Slow Food do?

The main work of the organization is to protect natural and high quality food and is held under the slogan tasty, clean, honest.

  • Tasty - means excellent organoleptic properties of the product - appetizing, aromatic, fresh.
  • Clean - all products are prepared without harm to nature or human health. Pure plants are grown without pesticides and GMOs, and pure livestock products are obtained without the addition of antibiotics and other growth enhancers.
  • Honestly - products provide decent rewards to producers and yet remain available to consumers.

Slow Food promotes small-scale producers of cheese and other unpasteurized milk products around the world, and campaigns for the protection of small-scale fisheries and advocates for beekeepersstate.

In addition, followers of the movement advocate free grazing of animals, preservation of agroecological biodiversity and the elimination of GMOs in the production of food and animal feed. According to members of the organization, preserving traditions and lifestyles is fundamental to maintaining the diversity of food around the world.

And, of course, the slow food movement does not stay away from global problems: climate change, excess food waste and population migration. According to the official website of the organization, now the system of measured nutrition and life in general is actively promoted by millions of activists in more than 160 countries around the world.

What is the slow food movement and how to follow it?

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What is the slow food movement and how to follow it?

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Slow food movement in Russia

The “measured life” movement came to Russia from Italy in 2000. Then the Slow Food Prize for the protection of biodiversity was first awarded to our compatriot - Maria Mikhailovna Girenko, an employee of the Vavilov All-Russian Institute of Plant Industry in St. Petersburg.
Today, there are 21 divisions of the movement in Russia. Its participants organize food festivals and farm dinners, conduct master classes and seminars, and actively collaborate with chefs of major restaurants.

What is the slow food movement and how to follow it?


For those wishing to learn more about measured movement in large cities of Russia, lectures and Taste lessons for children are regularly held. Immediately after receiving the necessary theory, you will have the opportunity to apply this knowledge in practice: participants often travel to farms where they cultivate vegetable gardens.

What is the slow food movement and how to follow it?

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What is the slow food movement and how to follow it?

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Slow food movement pushes for good, clean, fair food

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