Understanding the Benefits of Kinesio Tape

What is taping and how can it help the body?

Tape is an elastic tape similar to an adhesive plaster. It was originally used to relieve muscle pain, spasms and swelling. Now taping is popular among those who lose weight. Multi-colored ribbons fit tightly to the body and start the fat burning processes. In combination with training, taping becomes healthy weight loss and has long-term results.

How did you come up with taping?

Kinesotaping was founded by an American doctor of Japanese origin Kenzo Kase. His mother was his first patient. Kase used athletic tape (hard plaster) to relieve pain in her wrist joints. However, the procedure only worsened the patient's condition. Kenzo Kase realized that it was necessary to develop a patch that would not squeeze the damaged area, but, on the contrary, stimulate the movement of subcutaneous fluids.

After six years of clinical trials, Kase introduced the original kinesio tape at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Then the Japanese women's volleyball team came out to play with special ribbons on the body. The world community was immediately interested in Kenzo Kase's technique, and his kinesotapes spread first across the United States, then across Europe and Russia.

What is taping and how can it help the body?

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Why does it work?

Neurologist and sports doctor Anton Epifanov on his YouTube channel said that in 2019 it was published huge research on taping. Clinical trials have proven that this tape works for neck, back and lower back pain, but in the short term, like many drugs. The tape has an effect only when used correctly, kinesio tape will have no effect on a healthy muscle.

The skin consists of many receptors that transmit information to the nervous system about where our body is located, what is the temperature around, which muscles need to be strained etc. Due to injuries, the skin cannot perform work efficiently, which means that the nervous system receives distorted data. As a result, we find it difficult to move.

The adhesive layer on the tape is distributed in the form of waves so that the pressure on the skin is uneven. This regulates the flow of nerve impulses and normalizes muscle function.

What is taping and how can it help the body?

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What are tapes for?

Tapes relieve swelling and relieve pain after injuries. They can also be used to control posture. A well-glued tape will not allow you to sit in a position that is comfortable but wrong for the spine. Another function of the technique is to relieve spasm. You can increase or decrease muscle tone. And during pregnancy, taping replaces unwanted medications.

Sportsmen are put on kinesotapes after rupture of ligaments and operations, so that they can better undergo rehabilitation. However, such insThe tool does not replace the vertebrae, does not help with inflammation and does not even out scoliosis (curvature of the spine).

What is taping and how can it help the body?

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How to lose weight with taping?

Taping improves metabolic processes and lymph flow (lymph cleanses the body of toxins and toxins, promotes fat burning). If you have a loose belly, stretch marks after a quick weight loss or childbirth, then multi-colored patches can help you. The skin from this procedure is tightened and takes on a healthy look.

What is taping and how can it help the body?

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Tapes enhance the effect of anti-cellulite massage due to additional effects on the skin. It rises and a space is formed where the liquid can freely move. Excess water leaves and rid the body of stagnation and decay products. In addition, tapes enhance the compressing and stretching effect of the skin as you move. You do your daily routine and feeds work.

What is taping and how can it help the body?

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How to apply the tapes correctly?

Taping can be asymmetrical or even up to a millimeter. A competent application will be advised by a specialist, so you do not need to focus on beautiful photos on the network. If you decide to stick the tape yourself, then carefully read the instructions on the package. Here are some general usage tips.

  • Preparing the skin. Before applying the tape, you need to disinfect the area with alcohol or a special liquid, dry and shave off excess hair.
  • Choice of Scheme. Consult with a professional or learn how to apply tapes to achieve results. The tapes can be glued to the hips, arms, legs, even the face, so the choice of technique is worth paying attention to.
  • Applying tape. Apply a colored patch in the direction of the muscles and tendons. After removing the backing paper, apply the end of the tape to the skin without tension and gently run your hand along the length of the strip. Make sure there are no creases. With kinesio tape, you can walk for 3-5 days, take a shower and swim in the pool. The general course of weight loss should not last more than a month.

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