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What is a percussion massager and can it really relieve you of muscle pain?

Percussion, or shock, massage has been known abroad for over 10 years, while in Russia this trend appeared about a year ago and is still gaining popularity. Championship.Lifestyle tested this miracle device on itself. We will tell you why you may need it.

What is percussion massage?

This massage is based on percussion, that is, percussion of the body surface. It is used to work out pain points, relax muscles after exercise, which is especially important for athletes.

What is a percussion massager and can it really relieve you of muscle pain?

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In fact, the device replaces the work of a massage therapist, but there is a significant difference - in speed and availability. First, the device operates at optimal speeds from 1000 to 2800 beats per minute, which clearly surpasses the skills of even the best medical worker. According to the internal statistics of the TimTam manufacturers (and we tried just this one), a five-minute work with the device replaces a half-hour manual massage session. Secondly, the massager is mobile, that is, you can use it at any time - as soon as you feel excessive stress or just for prevention.

What else is percussion massage for?

There is strong evidence that powerful vibration therapy can alleviate delayed-onset pain syndrome.

Delayed Onset Pain Syndrome (DOMS) is the body's natural response to stress when muscle soreness occurs a day or two after intense training. This is partly attributed to the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, which is "accelerated" by the percussion device.

That is, using the simulator will help get rid of the very soreness that sometimes gives us so much inconvenience and discomfort.

It is curious that the outstanding Canadian fighter Georges Saint-Pierre is behind the creation of the device, which fell into our hands. He certainly knows all about muscle pain.

What can exercise machines do?

In modern devices, additional capabilities have been connected to basic technologies. For example, you can add a vibration effect to the drum. In addition, the PRO version of TimTam has a tip heating function.

Why is this interesting? It is known that local exposure to heat at trigger points is a good therapeutic method of prevention. Given the depth of the impact, such a model can be a great tool to prevent pinpoint pain.

Another benefit is it's a great pre-workout warm-up tool. With the heat tip, you can prepare your muscles faster, and the built-in temperature sensor will show how warm they are. Simply place the front of the device against your skin.

Percussion Massager Benefits & How to Use Addsfit Massager

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