What Happens To Your Body When You Walk 10,000 Steps ?

What happens to your body if you start walking 10 thousand steps a day?

The expert of the Championship wellness coach Andrey Semeshov shares his knowledge about what the love of regular walks leads to.

Learning from me about how to put yourself in order, everyone, without exception, hears the same advice: Start walking. Of course, not just where, but a certain number of steps every day. Desirable - 12 thousand.

What is the point?

This figure, in fact, is taken from the same exact ceiling as the canonical 10 thousand steps, which by default are hammered into almost all pedometers. The very first mass-produced device was produced in the 60s of the last century in Japan and was called, in translation, a 10 thousand steps meter - manpo-kei.

The essence of what then and what is now has not changed. Help us get off the couch and pay attention to how little we move. Today, everyone has smartphones with them all the time, in which, in most cases, this same manpo-key is built at the basic level. From personal practice: when we talk about concerns about being overweight, I ask you to open the program and see the average number of steps per week or month. Firstly, many people are surprised to learn about the presence of such a function, and secondly, it is rare to see numbers more than 3-4 thousand steps per day.

What happens to your body if you start walking 10 thousand steps a day?

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There are many more - many years ago it was written: Human movements have not only qualitative, but also quantitative characteristics. For its normal ( keyword. - Ed. ) functioning, the body needs a certain volume (number) of movements. Further, in passing about motor hunger and hypokinesia disease. And finally, about the fact that the volume of movement is usually assessed by the number of steps.

What happens if you start taking 10 thousand steps a day?

So the answer to the question, what exactly what will happen to the body, if you suddenly begin to regularly walk a certain rate of 10 thousand steps, it will be simple: nothing special will happen to it, it will just finally begin to function normally. The way nature designed it.

Imagine that your body is a car with a bunch of different components and assemblies. And so it turns out that some of these parts are regularly used, and the rest are inactive for years or decades. Surely the car as a whole will not be healthy from such an imbalance. This is exactly what happens to our body, when we do not receive even such a minimum of regular activity as simple walking. And this can manifest itself in dozens of different ways - starting with migraines and ending with varicose veins. And yes, overweight too. There is nowhere more direct connection here. We move a little - it means we spend few calories. And we eat these calories, most likely, with a margin.

Therefore, yes - making a certain number of steps every day, you willYou want to bring yourself closer to your ideal body literally with every step. But for this, of course, you need to fix the issue with power.

What happens to your body if you start walking 10 thousand steps a day?

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Balance: nutrition and physical activity

But even with a puff of Sverdlovskaya in one hand and a bag of chips in the other, your daily walks will not be empty (or even worse - dangerous, like some popular now types of physical activity) a waste of time. To a greater or lesser extent, there will be benefits. Well, or there will be at least the norm.

Why am I asking you to walk not 10 thousand steps, but 12 thousand? It’s just that practice has shown that 10 thousand people all start pacing pretty quickly during the day, simply leaving the bus stop earlier or not pressing the elevator call button each time. But these additional 2 thousand often turn out to be the very feature that separates those who just play healthy lifestyle and PP and who really have a very high time and need to take and return themselves to normal. Including in the physical plane.

Do not miss a day

I suggest not to believe a single word of mine, but to try to walk for exactly a month. Every day, no skipping, even for the most valid reasons. As my good friend, who successfully found a fitness standard for himself, wrote, a lot changes in his head. It's just that at some point you realize that in fact you always have a choice! If it's raining outside, you can choose whether to take an umbrella or a raincoat.

What happens to your body if you start walking 10 thousand steps a day?

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Walking or running?

And there is often a question: Can you replace walking with a run? I'll run the daily rate of steps faster. Yes, you can, of course. But to be honest: who dares to sign up to run EVERY day, say, six months? And to master the norm in steps over the same period is already much more realistic. Yes, it's not always easy. But no one promised it would be easy.

Why You Need To Walk 10,000 Steps A Day

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