What Happens When You Eat 5 Walnuts Every Day

What happens to your body if you eat nuts every day

Those who lead a healthy lifestyle and follow their diet have probably heard about the benefits of nuts more than once. They are said to be able to energize, reduce the risk of various diseases and even relieve depression. But at the same time, this product can negatively affect the body. We understand how nuts are useful and harmful and how many grams a day you need to eat to be in shape and feel good.

Positive effect of nuts on the body

If you eat nuts every day, then their positive properties will not keep you waiting. How do they affect our body externally and internally?

Saturate with useful substances

Nuts are a real storehouse of vitamins, microelements and nutrients. They contain calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and other minerals. This product is rich in fiber, vitamins A, B, C, D and E.

What happens to your body if you eat nuts every day

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Nutritionist Svetlana Foos believes that it is necessary to eat fruits fresh, not fried, in order to get the most out of them. She shared her opinion with subscribers on Instagram.

Svetlana: Most of the beneficial properties of the grains are lost from heat treatment. It is advisable to purchase nuts in shell. Peeled and packaged in bags, they quickly oxidize and taste like a rancid oil. They should be consumed peeled and raw to preserve healthy fatty acids and vitamin E. Salted nuts, and even more so sweetened with sugar or honey, are also not the best choice.

Improve appearance and rejuvenate

Nutritionists and nutritionists agree that daily consumption of nuts prolongs youth. For example, pistachios and pecans contain so much vitamin E and antioxidants that these fruits can be safely classified as anti-age. And almonds are rich in vitamin B3, which improves metabolism and maintains healthy skin, hair and teeth.

In addition, nuts remove toxins from the body and contain folic acid, which is needed for the growth and development of the circulatory and immune systems.

What happens to your body if you eat nuts every day

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What happens to your body if you eat nuts every day

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Saturate Omega-3s and improve brain function

These are polyunsaturated fatty acids that our body needs. They are good for the brain, eyes, joints and help you lose weight. The right fats really won't hurt your figure, unlike those found in refined oils.

Omega-3s have a positive effect on mental alertness, so all nuts contribute to good health.for the brain. But the leader, of course, is the walnut. It contains more polyunsaturated fatty acids than other types.

Strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of diseases

Hazelnuts prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood, and almonds improve vision and cleanse internal organs. It is even recommended for asthma. Nuts also have a positive effect on the female and male reproductive systems and, in general, have a pronounced preventive property.

Svetlana: People who consume a handful of nuts a day have low risks of coronary heart disease , oncological diseases. Reduces the risk of premature death.

What happens to your body if you eat nuts every day

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This effect is achieved thanks to the already mentioned vitamin E. It is an excellent remedy for the prevention of heart disease, muscular system and cancer. And if you have already encountered liver, kidney or intestinal disease, then in this position, many nuts will be beneficial.

Relieve stress

Nuts have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Pistachios have tonic properties, so they are useful for chronic fatigue, stress and depression. Walnut relieves stress, and pine nut will be an excellent companion in the fight against insomnia. By the way, it also contains iodine - it is needed by people who have problems with the thyroid gland.

Improve and protect the skin

We are not talking about the nuts themselves, but about their oils. They mainly help people cope with skin problems in cosmetology.

  • Almond oil: softens the skin and protects against UV rays.
  • Cedar nut oil: relieves dry skin, brittle hair and nails.
  • Walnut oil: helps people with sensitive and irritated skin.
What happens to your body if you eat nuts every day

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What happens to your body if you eat nuts every day

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So why are nuts harmful?

When it comes to about the dangers of nuts, then you need to understand that in most cases the negative effects are caused by excessive consumption of grains. Why can't they be eaten in kilograms, since, on the one hand, they are so useful?

Too high in calories

Any type of nuts contains more than 550 kcal per 100 grams. For example, in hazelnuts - 628 kcal, in peanuts - 567, in almonds - 645 kcal, in walnuts - 654 kcal, in cashews - 553 kcal. These numbers will clearly affect weight.

Svetlana: Some people avoid nuts for fear of being overweight. Indeed, nuts are a high-calorie food. The reason for this is the presence of fats inIdea of ​​beneficial polyunsaturated acids.

What happens to your body if you eat nuts every day

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Nuts - for example, peanuts loved by many - can cause severe allergies in a person of any age and provoke psoriasis or eczema in children. It is better not to eat hazelnuts for people with diabetes or diathesis, and raw cashews are easy to burn, since there is a harmful substance under the shell. Walnut grains can even be poisoned.

Negatively affect various organs

Walnut, although good for the brain, in large portions begins to have a negative effect on this organ. Hazelnuts have a bad effect on blood vessels, and almonds have a bad effect on the kidneys.

What happens to your body if you eat nuts every day

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What happens to your body if you eat nuts every day

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How many nuts should you eat in order not to harm yourself?

It is impossible to divide nuts into harmful and healthy ones. All of them can make your body healthier if you eat fruits every day in reasonable amounts. Exactly as well as harm - with excessive consumption.

Svetlana: The protective effect of nuts occurs if you consume them in 20 grams ( approximately 18 almonds. - Ed. ) per day. It does not interfere with your figure and does not cause heaviness in the stomach. And an increase in their number in the diet does not entail anything positive. This applies to the use of all types of nuts, and not just one in particular.

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