I Did Just 50 Burpees a Day, Here's What Happened in a Month

What happens to your body if you do 50 burpees a day?

Burpees have already grown to love and hate. Increasingly, this exercise can be seen on the Instagram of fitness babies and famous athletes. It does not need any additional weights or equipment - only you and your body. To fall - to jump. Doesn't sound very difficult. So can only 50 burpees a day make your body change for the better?

First you need to understand what we are dealing with.

What happens to your body if you do 50 burpees a day?

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What is a burpee?

This exercise was invented back in the 1930s by American scientists as a test for the physical development of military personnel. Now it is included in training programs for those who are required to have high physical performance: firefighters, special forces, professional athletes. This is because this is a functional exercise in which all muscle groups are involved: arms, chest, quads, gluteal muscles, biceps, hips and abdominals.

Let's figure out what a burpee consists of. It is worth saying that it can have many variations, and you can choose the one that you like best. But a classic exercise looks like this:

  • stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart;
  • deep squat until you can place your palms on the floor;
  • transferring body weight to the arms and jumping to a lying position;
  • push up;
  • return to jump squat;
  • jump up with a clap over your head.


Exercise develops not only endurance, but also strength and coordination. In addition, since you do not need additional equipment to complete it, you can practice anywhere. Another indisputable plus of burpees is the acceleration of metabolism, that is, calories will be burned after training.

How to do it correctly?

You should definitely start with warming up. A 5-minute warm-up for your joints will definitely not hurt.
Your task is to do the maximum number of exercises in the allotted time, which is determined by your physical fitness. For example, it can be 30 seconds of vigorous activity with 10 seconds of rest, or 3 minutes with a one-minute break. It's up to you.

What happens to your body if you do 50 burpees a day?

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What variations are there?

The easiest option is without jumping or push-ups, you can start with it. Complicated options involve changing direction in a jump, jumping onto a platform, kicking or weighting with dumbbells. LimitI only use my imagination.

50 burpees a day - is it real?

Yes! And journalist Anna Quinlan from Popsugar.fitness did it. For 30 days, the girl performed 50 burpees a day, inspired by the challenge on Instagram. Now she proudly proclaims that it was not so easy, and shares the results .

Burpee is possibly the most effective exercise on Earth. I have overcome two marathons and several triathlons, I teach Megaformer master classes twice a week. Before this challenge, however, burpees were part of my high-intensity workout. A workout consisting only of this exercise highlighted how it tenses every muscle I have. The body ached for the entire first week. I sweated intensely every time, even on the 30th day. Now when I am traveling somewhere without much access to the gym, I will definitely choose a burpee. A lot of burpees.

Anna's body has already changed in 20 days of the call: I did push-ups during each burpee. And in combination with other elements of the exercise, it was very difficult. During the first week, my hands were very tense. The pain continued into the second week. But at the same time, when on the 20th day of the call I saw my photo, it seemed to me that the photographer had put someone else's muscular arms to my body. So if you dream of such an effect, start with at least push-ups.

What happens to your body if you do 50 burpees a day?

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What else will change?

  • The excess weight will go away, and it will become visually noticeable. Burpee forces the body to burn large amounts of calories during and after exercise.
  • You will feel a surge of energy. After an intense exercise in the morning, you definitely won't need coffee.
  • You will become more agile. During the exercise, the brain learns to synchronize the work of all parts of the body and keep them under control.
  • You will gain stamina. 50 burpees a day is not so easy. But such a load improves the activity of the cardiovascular system, and oxygen is more efficiently delivered to all organs.
  • You will have an even posture. Maintaining the back muscles in good shape is one of the main tasks during the exercise. This exercise will help you strengthen your core and slouch less.
What happens to your body if you do 50 burpees a day?

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I did 50 Burpees Every Day for One Month | Here's what happened!

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