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What happens to the body if you sleep less than 5 hours a day

The first thing we sacrifice in the modern rhythm of megacities, when we understand that 24 hours a day is sorely lacking to achieve goals is sleep. Many experts and mom argue that in vain. There is an established belief that a person needs to sleep at least 8 hours a day. What if you just don't feel like sleeping? Together with an expert from Osteo Poly Clinic, neurologist and somnologist Olga Begasheva we figure out whether the lack of sleep is so terrible and how many hours of good rest is enough to restore the body.

How much sleep do you need?

The need for sleep is genetically determined, and on average it ranges from 5 to 8 hours. And in some cases, even 10 hours of sleep is the norm. Falling asleep problems occur mainly in old age and are more common in women. By the age of 50, nearly 40% of all women suffer from insomnia. And after 65 years, sleep disturbances no longer worsen. An American survey of 70-year-olds showed that on average, if they have sleep problems, they sleep only 6-7 hours, if not - 7.5 hours.

The need for sleep increases during the period of intensive growth in children - this is the first jump at 6-7 years old and at about the age of 13-16 years. Long and healthy sleep is also essential for athletes. With intense physical exertion, growth hormone is required, which is released in the first third of the night and affects the growth and development of the body.

What happens to the body if you sleep less than 5 hours a day

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What happens to the body during sleep?

Sleep is the same altered state as wakefulness. It is essential for recovery, for immunity, for growth, for memorization. But the most important function of sleep is to preserve a person as a person: it is memory and images. At this time, our inner self is restored and rests.

An experiment was carried out: among the subjects, a competition was arranged to see who would stay awake for the most nights. Unfortunately, during the experiment, the person who, by the way, won, began to gradually go crazy. It was an irreversible condition. Since then, such experiments have been banned, but the results of the study proved that sleep is the main function of restoring not only the body, but also the internal state. This is a very important psychological aspect.

Another important point concerns circadian rhythms. The fact is that according to the internal clock, the stomach is restored from about one to three in the morning - this is its biologically active time, from 3:00 to 6:00 - the intestines, in the morning the adrenal glands are actively turned on, cortisol is produced. And, of course, those people who abuse and have a sleep deficit get health problems as a result.

What happens to the body if you sleep less than 5 hours a day

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What problems arise with sleep deficit?

First of all, performance suffers: headaches, memory impairment, attention, a person is no longer ablecope with the amount of work that was done before. The mood changes dramatically. This is called a simple, philistine word, depression, but depression in the academic sense means a violation of the development of all neurotransmitter systems. First of all, dopamine, and this hormone affects mood, strength, endurance. Then - norepinephrine - and this is concentration, attention, these are the functions of bringing the started to the end. After - serotonin - it influences, again, on mood, maintenance of vascular tone and muscle tone.

In severe cases, sleep deficit leads to serious psychoses, and insomnia is one of the severe syndromes. In age groups, there is a risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, sclerosis and other diseases. That is, in a dream, due to its lack, the cells of the nervous system do not recover.

Lack of sleep leads to a drop in immunity, the production of antibodies, memory, attention is disrupted. Moreover, it increases the chances of life shortening due to sudden disruptions in circadian rhythms. That is, the one who has clear circadian rhythms lives for a long time. The key to health is the so-called Swiss regime - falling asleep and waking up at the same time every day.

What happens to the body if you sleep less than 5 hours a day

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What are the main causes of insomnia?

Insomnia is the most difficult condition for the body. If a person has a toothache, pulpitis occurs, he must go to the dentist and treat the problem. This also applies to any other disease. But in the case of insomnia, a person is sometimes in such a serious condition for a long time, for years. The body, finding itself without help, loses its last resources. Although today, treating insomnia is no more difficult than a tooth. The topic has been studied, there is such somnology and specialists - somnologists who are engaged in this.

There are psychological reasons:

  • stress;
  • alarms;
  • neuroses.

Physiological :

  • hormonal imbalance;
  • insufficient insulin production (for example, in diabetes mellitus);
  • painful sensations.

External :

  • violation of the regime;
  • excessive use of tonic drinks;
  • overeating or starvation;
  • unventilated room;
  • gadget abuse.
What happens to the body if you sleep less than 5 hours a day

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What to do with insomnia?

Insomnia is different. There are shifts in sleep phases or a manifestation of a response to stress - then the duration of such a period is only 2-3 months. After the person's condition can return to normal, and sleep will be restored. But there are long-term, severe, so-called endogenous insomnia. Either a psychiatrist or a somnologist deals with the treatment of such diseases.

In the study of insomnia, polysomnography is performed. Also, diagnostics are set by the polling method, satanamnesis. In addition, other possible somatic causes are highlighted. Problems with the liver and intestines are often identified. In this case, the body does not produce serotonin - its lack affects sleep disorders. With the problem of intolerance to various products, for example, lectins, gluten, they become toxic to the nervous system. In these cases, doctors carry out comprehensive diagnostics, complete treatment, and intensive general strengthening of the body. Xenon therapy, massages and relaxing treatments are also recommended for the treatment of insomnia.

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