Things That Happen To Your Body When you Run Everyday

What happens to the body if you run every day for a month

Morning jogging makes your day better. Because nothing worse will happen to you. The blogger Yana Zolotova was sure of this, who decided to check what would happen to her body if she jogged for 30 days in a row. Despite the rapidly growing popularity of a healthy lifestyle, many people still associate jogging with painful fulfillment of school standards and the fact that it does not bring any physical or aesthetic pleasure.

What happens to the body if you run every day for a month

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Why do runners torture themselves in the morning?

Previously, Yana was skeptical of those who are engaged in daily jogging. And she cited the example of a person who wound circles around the stadium every morning. The girl even wondered if all the runners belonged to some kind of sect, because voluntarily raping the body in the morning is crazy.

The frantic motivation seemed to the girl to be something unreal, so she decided to check if she could withstand such loads and how it threatens her. And in parallel, Yana wanted to establish a daily routine, which was severely knocked down by her. Indeed, in theory, if you constantly run in the morning, then by the end of the day fatigue builds up, which makes you go to bed earlier and get up earlier.

First 20 minutes, then 40

Yana started very careful. For the first few days, she went outside at 10 am and jogged for no more than 20 minutes. It doesn't sound very impressive, but for a person taking the first steps, this is a completely normal duration. And after a couple of days, the blogger increased the time to 40 minutes, during which she managed to run 5 km.

At the same time, Yana admits that she had previously done cardio workouts in the gym, so she had a certain level of endurance. After the first week, the girl got used to running, and she even began to like it! But only seven days ago, she was ready to call the runners cultists. Now she joked that she had joined a running cult.

What happens to the body if you run every day for a month

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Run in parks, not stadiums

Despite her nascent love of running, Yana faced a problem. The football team was based in the stadium where she ran. The coach of the young men categorically forbade her to jog during their classes. The girl did not argue and went to a large park located nearby. And I felt a huge difference.

No trainers who can fuckmit at any moment, no boring stadium landscapes repeating every minute. Our heroine lives in St. Petersburg, so the park, where she decided to continue her studies, has a priori beautiful views. I started to enjoy running, - Yana admitted after one of the runs on Krestovsky Island.

Curd instead of sweet

More - more. Previously, after physical exertion, the blogger wanted to go to the store and buy sweets, because she deserved it. Now, after a couple of weeks of jogging on the street, Yana went to the store and unexpectedly bought ... two packs of cottage cheese. And this despite the fact that she never liked cottage cheese. Remember the phrase at the beginning of this text: running makes your day better because nothing worse will happen? So now Yana, on the contrary, wanted a new day to come as soon as possible. That way she can go back to her now favorite activity.

What happens to the body if you run every day for a month

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How has the body changed after daily jogging?

As it turned out, running has a number of miraculous properties. Yana says that after the first 10 days she noticed a big change. Her skin condition improved, she lost about 2 kg. And, most importantly, the general state of health has changed: the constant feeling of fatigue has disappeared, there is a great motivation in work.

In addition, the blogger admits that running made her voluntarily get up at 8 in the morning. Nothing else in the world could make her do it. Now, by 10 am, the girl already has time to go in for sports, swim, have breakfast and be ready for work and other business in a cheerful mood. Before the challenge, she could still sleep at this time, and if she woke up, she was in a broken and unproductive state.

After the end of the 30-day period, Yana got so carried away by running that she thought about participating in a half marathon and even a marathon ... The girl told more about her 30-day experience in the video.

What to do before starting to run?

It is very important that running is physically and mentally beneficial. And if everything is pretty obvious with the moral, then with the physical you need to be careful. Before you start actively exercising, it is highly recommended to see a doctor: check your joints, heart and everything else. And only then carefully start jogging, gradually increasing the load.

What happens to the body if you run every day for a month

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Many people are shyItce, because they are afraid of the sidelong glances of passing pedestrians or drivers of passing cars. The truth is, they most likely envy you. And even if they laugh, then what do you care about those with whom you will never meet again in your life? But you will have a good body and a great mood.

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