What happens if you run 5 km every day for a month? Blogger experiment

Running is one of the main components of a healthy lifestyle. It does not require any special tools and is available to almost everyone. All you need is a pair of running shoes.

What happens if you run 5 km every day for a month? Blogger experiment

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But running is individual for everyone. Someone is ready to overcome 10 kilometers or more, and someone is enough for a maximum of five. British fitness trainer and blogger Alex Crockford decided to experiment. He ran five kilometers every day for a month. And then he told what came of it.

From personal experience

It's worth noting that Alex hadn't been out for a run for over half a year before the experiment. He ran the first five kilometers in 29 minutes, while, according to him, he felt insecure.

By myself, I started to run faster every day, says the blogger. - Gradually, the distance became easier and easier for me. At the same time, I did not stop training in the gym.

What happens if you run 5 km every day for a month? Blogger experiment

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What are the results of the experiment?

In the first ten days of training, Crockford improved his time from 29 to 25 minutes.

After the end of the challenge, Alex recorded a video with its summary.

In it Crockford confesses: Running has only made my legs stronger, and my knees also feel much better. On the last day, I decided to test myself and speed up a bit to see how my time improved. I ended up running out of 23 minutes. That is, in just a month, I threw off seven minutes from my first result.

But Alex also found disadvantages in such an experiment: The graph leaves no room for normal recovery at all. This is definitely not suitable for those who have hard work that does not allow them to fully recover. By the way, during the experiment I got sick, because of this I missed the 18th day of the challenge. With this regime, it is imperative to monitor your diet in order to recover and be in good shape, concluded Crockford.

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