100 Push Ups A Day? Here's What Will Happen

What happens if you do 100 push-ups every day?

Push-ups are a basic physical exercise performed in a lying position and representing raising / lowering the body with the help of the hands. But can such a rather simple action replace the gym, develop endurance and even give you weight?

Sam Stryker, editor-in-chief of the information resource Buzzfeed, decided on an ordeal - push-ups a hundred times throughout the month. The man was inspired by a video where his colleagues were engaged in such a challenge.

In normal life, Striker is a swimmer and trains 4-6 days a week in his pool. He has a very good physical shape, but to maintain it, a man needs large financial investments and a lot of time. Sam decided to find out if push-ups could be a worthy replacement for the gym.


Glavred Buzzfeed decided not to rely on fate and went to Astrid Swan, the famous fitness trainer, for a consultation.

Here are some tips from Swan.

1. Do not relax your back and torso muscles. This is the main mistake newbies make. The core muscles should be as stiff as when holding the plank.

2. Start the challenge 10 sets of 10 times.

3. If you feel strong enough and capable of doing 100 push-ups, you can increase the number of repetitions in the set to 15-20, but if you feel muscle pain, reduce it to 5.

4. Is 100 push-ups an unrealistic number? Start at 20. Alternatively, you can do push-ups from the knees, if full ones are not yet obtained.

5. Concentrate on the exercise and your feelings. Stop immediately if you feel pain.

6. It is very important to perform the technique correctly. If your exercises only remotely resemble push-ups, don't waste time. It could cause injury.

7. The timing of the exercise is certainly important. If you are a morning person and feel good in the morning, try to do most of the push-ups before lunch, while you are still full of energy.

What might get in the way?

Over time, Stryker began to do fewer push-ups in the morning, leaving them for later. However, after dinner, he realized that he had not done even half of the exercises. Motivation began to fade, and the man had to put in a lot of effort to continue the test. What can prevent you from completing the test?

1. Muscle pain. Moreover, the pain will not go on for several days, but much longer.

2. If you put off everything until the last moment of the day, then push-ups will be much more difficult.

3. The feeling of the result will not come immediately.

How not to quit? Motivation for the work done

Sam was able to complete the test without missing a day or push-ups in the program. In the process, he came up with a few chips for himself that helped him hold out:

1.Small quests with rewards. Reward yourself for each approach: did 10 push-ups - you can eat a chocolate bar, another 10 - watch the series.

2. Phone notifications. Set a reminder for every hour: Do a ten, Let's do push-ups, Push-ups well, and so on.

3. Do push-ups anywhere and anytime.

4. Posts in social networks. Try to cover your challenge on social media: every positive comment will motivate you to keep going.

Workout Results

Sam did not notice the results until the end of the third week. The muscles continued to ache, but he began to feel much better. In addition, his strength and stamina have improved.

Here are some of the benefits you will receive by completing the challenge:

1. Increased muscle mass. Chest, shoulders, abs and back are pumped the most.

2. Improving performance in sports, especially if hands are actively involved.

3. Improving self-esteem. If you pass the 30-day test, you will surely be proud of yourself.

Conclusion : can 100 push-ups replace the gym? Quite. Your appearance will change and your stamina will improve.

We Did 100 Push-Ups Every Day For 30 Days

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