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What do the actors go to for the role of famous athletes?

Next spring, the release of the Russian film Streltsov is expected. The film is dedicated to the fate of footballer Eduard Streltsov. Little is known about the picture itself, except that the director is Alexei Uchitel, and the leading actor is Alexander Petrov. And just recently, the veil of secrecy was lifted, the actor published his photos in the image.

They say that this role was not so easy for Alexander. In order to correspond to the prototype, we had to work hard on ourselves and focus on even the most seemingly insignificant details of the hero's behavior.

In the wake of the anticipation of the film, we remembered other actors who successfully transformed into the images of famous athletes .

What do the actors go to for the role of famous athletes?

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Race (2013) - Daniel Bruhl & Chris Hemsworth

What do the actors go to for the role of famous athletes?

Photo: Hulton Archive / Getty Images

The creators of the movie Race, which tells the story of the rivalry between two famous Formula 1 pilots, have done a long and painstaking work to fully match the era. They persuaded collectors to let them use real cars. In addition, it was necessary to restore the racing tracks from scratch, which have not survived to this day. Also real equipment of the Formula teams was used for more realism. Since it is impossible for a non-professional to get behind the wheel of a real car, the performers used Formula-3 cars for the filming, on which they replaced the body kit.

The riders Niki Lauda and James Hunt were played by Daniel Brühl and Chris Hemsworth. Brühl is German, and his hero is Austrian, so he had to work with a speech therapist for a long time in order to match in order to correctly adopt the accent. It turned out so believable that people familiar with the famous racer were sure that his voice was used for the voice acting.

Niki Lauda also had a wrong bite - to copy this detail, Daniel wore a special device in his mouth throughout the entire period of filming. The most difficult thing was to adopt the behavior and character traits of the racer, for this the actor specially met with Nicky. He later admitted that he was embarrassed to ask some questions, but Lauda was good-natured and frank. The racer spoke in detail about the accident that divided his life into before and after. Niki Lauda himself spoke positively about the film and the actor, and subsequently maintained friendly relations with Daniel until his death in May this year.

Chris Hemsworth did not have the opportunity to communicate with James Hunt, the racer died long before start of filming. To withTo match the image, Chris carefully studied the biography of his hero and looked through a huge number of archival videos to understand what Hunt really was. Those who saw the actor only in the role of the god of thunder from the well-known superheroes in the MCU may not recognize him in this picture. For the role of James Hunt, he had to lose 14 kilograms. He himself joked on this topic that otherwise he simply would not fit in the car.

What do the actors go to for the role of famous athletes?

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Unbroken (2014) - Jack O'Connell

What do the actors go to for the role of famous athletes?


The film Unbroken tells the story of the American athlete Louis Zamperini. He took part in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, and after the outbreak of the war he joined the US Army. His plane crashed, as a result of which the athlete was captured, where he was tortured and inhuman cruelty. But, despite all the difficulties, he passed this test and returned home at the end of the war.

The main role was played by the Englishman Jack O'Connell. Immediately after being approved for the role, the actor fired up the idea of ​​meeting Louis Zamperini in order to get to know the person he was to play better. They really saw each other, the first time their conversation was recorded on camera, during the second they were just the two of them. And it was the second conversation, according to the actor, that helped him really get to know his hero. To enhance the look, Jack dyed his hair black. In addition, he learned to run properly, and as a result, the athlete himself noted his technique.

Unfortunately, Louis Zamperini himself did not live to see the premiere, he died in the summer of 2014, a few days before the first trailer appeared and six months before the film was released. But according to the director of the film, Angelina Jolie, she showed the athlete part of the footage, and he approved it. For this role, Jack O'Connell received the New Hollywood Award, which was dedicated to Zamperini.

Unconquered (2009) - Matt Damon

What do the actors go to for the role of famous athletes?

Photo: David Rogers / Alsport / Getty Images

The Unconquered film is about the events in South Africa in the mid-90s. The country was on the brink of civil war, and to prevent it, President Nelson Mandela tried to unite the population through rugby.

One of the important heroes is South African captain Francois Pienaar, played by Matt Damon. The American actor also decided to take the opportunity to communicate with his character to get to know him better. They say that when Matt came to François's home, there was a mute scene worthy of Gogol's pen. The thing is that a rugby player is almost two meters tall, while he weighs more than 100 kg. Naturally, at the sight of a miniature actor (Damon's height is 178 cm, weight 70 kg), the athlete had quite logical questions. Matt defused the atmosphere by joking that he looked a lot bigger on the screen.

What do the actors go to for the role of famous athletes?

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What do the actors go to for the role of famous athletes?

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During this meeting, they discussed Pienaar's views on the situation in the country, the technical aspects of playing rugby, and most importantly the philosophy on the basis of which the captain built the team. As the athlete himself said, Damon wanted to know absolutely everything about him. For the role, Matt had to lighten his hair and train his skills in rugby.

In that film, another transformation took place - the role of Nelson Mandela was played by Morgan Freeman, who maintained friendly relations with the ex-president of South Africa. He flew to Africa with one of the film's producers to ask permission to play the role. The actor had to carefully study the recordings of his friend's performances in order to accurately reproduce the accent, speech rhythm and, of course, charisma. He even had to learn to write with his right hand in order to fully get used to the image.

The Invisible Side (2009) - Aaron Quinton

What do the actors go to for the role of famous athletes?

Photo: Rob Carr / Getty Images

The Invisible Side is more about the environment of American football player Michael Oher than his sports career. The film tells how he got into a foster family and how it helped him to achieve great heights in sports.

The main role went to the little-known at that time actor Aaron Quinton. The American did not particularly hope that he would be interested in the director, therefore, just in case, he warned that, if necessary, he was ready to work on the set as a security guard. The film crew did not need the services of a security guard, but he was still approved for the role. To prepare for the role, Aaron began training hard with the Georgia Tech team. The picture is notable for the fact that most of the coaches played themselves. Many of them had already changed their occupation by the time of filming, but for the sake of participating in this project, they temporarily resumed their careers. Michael Oher himself appreciated the film and the work of the actor, but at the same time noted that the character traits shown in the film were largely invented by the creators.

Poddubny (2014) - Mikhail Porechenkov

What do the actors go to for the role of famous athletes?

Photo: RIA Novosti

The main role in the Russian film Poddubny was played by Mikhail Porechenkov. The film tells about several episodes from the life of the famous wrestler. As the creator admittedWhether, they did not strive for documentary accuracy, so some of the events of the film do not coincide with the real episodes of the athlete's biography.

The external similarity of the actor and his hero can be seen with the naked eye, but Porechenkov was inferior to Poddubny in size. To fix this, he put on 25 kilograms. And to hone wrestling skills, he trained with the national teams of Bulgaria in combat sambo and Ukraine in freestyle and classical wrestling, as well as with the national team of Ukraine in sumo. In pursuit of realistic contractions, the actor was injured more than once: he injured his knee, broke several ribs and severely injured his arm, so much so that he needed an operation in Germany. One of the symbols of Ivan Poddubny is his famous cast-iron cane, which weighed 16 kilograms. The actor for the role was made an exact copy, but he was pitied, so it was lighter than the original. The cane used by Mikhail Porechenkov weighed only 12 kg.

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