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What do skaters eat and why are they so skinny?

At one glance at the chiseled shapes of the skaters, thoughts of endless diets, restrictions, training and overcoming oneself arise in my head. The extra pounds immediately affect the technique, so these girls must have incredible willpower to cope with the loads. We tell you what athletes eat to maintain ideal figures and how it affects their health.

What do skaters eat and why are they so skinny?

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What do skaters eat and why are they so skinny?

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Evgenia Medvedeva

Recently, on her Instagram, Evgenia Medvedeva posted a story in which she eats flowers with sushi chopsticks. Diet. Four weeks, - the girl signed.
Does the two-time world champion really eat exclusively vegetation? Of course, not only flowers, but after Evgenia moved to Canada, she became interested in veganism and started working with a nutritionist.

Her daily diet includes three meals, and dinner must be light and no later six in the evening. The champion's diet before the performances excludes fatty, fried and spicy foods, so before the Olympics in Pyeongchang, Evgenia did with unleavened rice.

However, there are not very many strict prohibitions in the figure skater's diet. She herself admits that she cannot live without sweets, so before training she allows herself a couple of pieces of chocolate or marmalade. Medvedeva is also a fan of Asia, so she doesn’t deny herself tom-yam soup, sushi or Japanese chips.

What do skaters eat and why are they so skinny?

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Alina Zagitova

At the skater Alina Zagitova, on the contrary, there are many strict dietary restrictions. She several times posted photos of her breakfasts on social networks - often oatmeal with dried fruits.

Visiting Evening Urgant, Alina said: During the Olympic season, I weighed myself three times a day. I tried to keep the weight. 100 grams is already critical. There was a time when I got so confused that I even limited my water intake. Before weighing, she took a sip and spit it out.

However, she soon realized that it was important to maintain her health and not allow fanaticism even in this topic. Now Zagitova eats often, but in small quantities.

As a reward for winning the Olympics in Pyeongchang, Alina received another importantfor her the prize is ice cream. One.

Elena Radionova

The figure of Elena Radionova regularly calls subscribers have questions that they do not hesitate to write in the comments: Elena, does it seem to you that you are not quite in shape ?. The athlete does not pay attention to sharp remarks and even shares the secrets of her diet. The nutritionist has developed a balanced diet for the skater, which allows her to stay energetic throughout the day.

Natalia Zabiyako

Natalia Zabiyako's Instagram can practically be called culinary. The fitness lady often shares recipes for delicious breakfasts, pastries, and desserts. Here there was a place for both healthy and forbidden dishes.

In an interview, the athlete said : I love to cook, but at the same time I am an adherent of a healthy diet, therefore I am looking for healthy and tasty recipes. Many people are mistaken in thinking that healthy food is not tasty. If you choose the right recipe and cook it correctly, the dish will bring not only benefits to the body, but also great pleasure. There are no difficult restrictions, I just eat foods or dishes, for example, fast food, which I have not consumed for a long time and do not feel the slightest desire. When you start eating right, over time, your body rebuilds to such a lifestyle and you don't even have a desire to eat something harmful.

Victoria Sinitsina

Victoria Sinitsina had a terrible fear of the scales. Before weighing, she took off her hairpins, chains and ran to the toilet so that no extra grams would appear on the screen.

The girl drove herself into a dead end - she weighed herself several times a day and controlled every piece she eaten, but soon I realized that for a healthy person this is not normal. Now she follows the rule she wants to - eat, but consumes small quantities of food.

Yulia Lipnitskaya

A particularly difficult and sad story is associated with the rapid weight loss of Yulia Lipnitskaya. Against the background of eternal restrictions, the figure skater's weight began to grow, which, of course, affected the skating technique. In addition to its lightness, it also lost its phenomenal spin in jumping.

The only way out is reasonable restrictions and elimination of a huge amount of foods from the diet. After a few months, the old dresses got too big again and had to be sewn back before each performance. At first it seemed like a good sign - Julia is returning to her form again both in life and on ice. But it soon became clear that such a dramatic weight loss became a problem - the doctors identified anorexia. The girl quickly lost not only weight, but also strength for the katanaand the execution of elements. On this she had to end her career in 2016.

What do skaters eat and why are they so skinny?

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What do skaters eat and why are they so skinny?

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