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What do French women eat and why are they so thin?

France can be safely called a place where it is impossible not to taste bread products, desserts, delicious, but fatty second courses and drink a glass of wine at dinner. For tourists, such a food system is considered the norm, because they are on vacation - they do not need to think about restrictions. But how do you manage to stay slim and fragile French women who live in the land of high-calorie food?

If you think that the thinness of these women is nothing more than a stereotype, then hurry to look, for example, at Laetitia Casta. As a supermodel, a representative of L'Oréal and a Victoria's Secret angel, the girl assures that she absolutely does not recognize diet and does not resort to plastic interventions. Another Frenchwoman, Vanessa Paradis, is often called a little angel: Johnny Depp's ex-lover can definitely boast of her diminutiveness.

Not only the representatives of modern France are distinguished by their figure. Let's recall the film actress, singer and model of the 20th century Brigitte Bardot. She was a sex symbol of the 50-60s, along with the American Marilyn Monroe. But note that with almost the same parameters - 168 cm / 57 kg for Bardot and 166 cm / 54 kg for Monroe - visually Bridget with a 50-centimeter waist looked much more fragile than her colleague from the States.

What do French women eat and why are they so thin?

Photo: Brigitte Bardot through the lens of Sam Levin, 1956

So what rules do French women follow to stay the slimmest in the western world?

Prioritize quality over quantity

In everyday life, you are unlikely to meet a French woman who does not want to choose the highest quality products for herself. If the baguette is freshly baked, vegetables and fruits are necessarily ripe and juicy, butter is only natural.

In French cafes and restaurants, tourists from Russia may be surprised at the size of the portions: it is unusually small. This is also its advantage. When eating heavier and more high-calorie food, which is the case in establishments, French girls are simply content with small portions and enjoy not the quantity, but the exquisite taste. It is not difficult for them, because in their culture it is so customary.

What do French women eat and why are they so thin?

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What do French women eat and why are they so thin?

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Increased activity

The European way of life is generally very active, especially in big cities. People there have a habit of doing longwalking or cycling, avoiding car or public transport. Even if it is possible to get anywhere by car, French women try to avoid it because of their dislike for the busy road traffic.

What do French women eat and why are they so thin?

Photo : istockphoto.com

Sense of balance

French women are fairly honest with themselves when it comes to food. They understand that if they allow themselves to eat fatty or very sweet foods every day, then the body will clearly not thank them for this. The girls admit that many items of their national menu - for example, foie gras - are hard on the stomach, but at the same time they can afford to eat them. It is only important not to do it all the time, and after a hearty high-calorie lunch or a festive dinner - wait out, cleanse the body, eating natural products.

French women can also learn to drink hot water with lemon juice or natural yoghurts without additives. Thus, they take care of their intestines, cleansing it of toxins.

No snacks

The Frenchwoman listens to her hunger and will not let her stomach suffer without food. That is why she will most likely prefer a full meal at home, in a cafe or restaurant to unhealthy and jerky snacks on the go. And when meeting friends, on the contrary, she would rather choose tea or a cup of espresso during a pleasant conversation than overload her body with food if she is not hungry.

What do French women eat and why are they so thin?

Photo: istockphoto.com

Motivation is inconvenient

In France, it is simply uncomfortable to have problems with being overweight. Parisian subway seats and home lifts are noticeably narrow, with most clothing stores offering only slim fit items, and French sizes are smaller than others. In addition, the French are straightforward and will not spare your feelings if you have noticeably gained weight.

In a country with such an attitude towards the figure, healthy foods are also being promoted. For example, an advertisement for instant food contains a reminder warning that snacks between meals can lead to excess weight, or recommending exercise for at least half an hour a day. And the McDonald's France website willingly reminds users to eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day.

What do French women eat and why are they so thin?

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