Top 6 Beginner Workout Mistakes!

What are you doing wrong. Top 5 mistakes beginners make in the gym

Many go to the gym, but do not see the result. It's about the mistakes that inexperienced athletes make. We asked the coach of the premium club World Class Red Side Alexey Zakharov what mistakes prevent newcomers from progressing in the gym.

Lack of rest

Often newcomers come to the gym with a set the more the better, but it is not. If the muscles are not allowed to recover, then the result will not be achieved. It is much more likely that with this approach you will overload the muscles. So you can get hurt and leave the process for a long time.

No need to train every day or train for 3 hours and do 10 sets. The workout should be intense and take 40-60 minutes.

A lot of rest is also harmful, protein synthesis in the muscles occurs within 72 hours, so it is better to train 3-4 times a week, loading all muscle groups.

Don't forget about sleep! With a lack of sleep, the body slows down the production of hormones and does not have time to recover. This negatively affects the result.

Unhealthy diet

Eating well is just as important as exercising. Many neglect this point, but without proper nutrition, training will not be effective enough. On the one hand, you should get enough calories and nutrients from food, and on the other, with an excess of calories and improper nutrition, you cannot achieve an ideal figure even with the most diligent training.

Isolated exercises

Many people start right away by working on a specific muscle group and train, for example, only biceps every day. There are several mistakes in this approach. Firstly, the desired muscles will not have time to recover and grow. Secondly, isolated exercises have less effect both in fat burning and in gaining muscle mass. It is better to start with simple multi-joint exercises, this will consume more energy and work several muscle groups at once.


It's very important to progress from workout to workout ... Each time, you should gradually add in each element, it should be difficult for you to grow muscles. There is even a term called progressive overload. This is especially important for beginners, since they work with small weights and the body isresponsive to stress.

Traumatic exercise

Serious injury can occur if multi-joint exercises with free weights are not performed correctly. Therefore, when moving on to deadlifts or squats with a barbell, it is better to consult with someone experienced and ask for a safety net or a coach to set the technique.

Top 5 Common Beginner Mistakes Seen In The Gym - DON'T DO THESE!

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