Biomarkers of Aging

What are the features of the Russian type of aging and how to avoid it

Aging is an inevitable process. And although today there are ways to slow it down or hide age-related changes, sooner or later time takes its toll. Gradually, the skin cells change, and this affects the appearance.

What are the features of the Russian type of aging and how to avoid it


Geographic location, namely climate, also has a significant impact on the aging process. Depending on its characteristics, people around the world age in different ways. In cosmetology, there are four main types of aging: fine wrinkled, tired, deformation and muscular. There is also a combined one, in which signs of several types appear at once.

In America, Europe and Asia, those types of aging are most common in which a clear facial contour is preserved. This is directly related to the position of the regions relative to the equator: the closer to it, the stronger the sun and less gravity. As a rule, the inhabitants of these regions have thinner skin with a small amount of subcutaneous fat.

What are the features of the Russian type of aging and how to avoid it

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About what age-related changes Russians are genetically susceptible to and how to minimize them, we understand together with the cosmetologist Elena Gretsova .

The main types of aging

Many consider the most attractive variant of aging, in which the facial contour is well preserved and remains clear ... In this case, even if small mimic wrinkles appear on the skin prone to dryness, the face still looks sufficiently toned and does not lose its structure. Such changes are characteristic of the fine wrinkled type.

What are the features of the Russian type of aging and how to avoid it


Similar symptoms manifest themselves in the muscular type. But in this case, among other things, the pigmentation of the skin is disturbed, the nasolabial folds become more pronounced, the corners of the lips descend and the eyelids hang.

Among the features of the tired type, the following can be distinguished: the skin tone decreases, it loses its radiance and becomes more dry. Also, tear grooves and nasal folds are more vividly drawn, wrinkles appear around the lips.

What are the features of the Russian type of aging and how to avoid it

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Russian type of aging

For residents of our climatic zone with age, a significant deformation of facial features is characteristic. There are two main reasons for this. First, the features of the structure of the jaw: in many Russians, it is slightly pushed back, due to which the oval of the face loses its clear contour by old age. Secondly, the climatic conditions. If, for example, in the west the skin is adapted to painA large amount of sunlight, in Russia - to prolonged low temperatures and a lack of sun.

Excessive subcutaneous fat layer causes the appearance of flews, bags under the eyes, overhanging eyelids and folds. In addition, due to the more tangible force of attraction, the face seems to flow down and lose shape. Although the skin becomes flabby, due to the higher density it fades more slowly, and pigment spots appear extremely rarely.

What are the features of the Russian type of aging and how to avoid it

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This type of aging is called deformation aging and is the most widespread in Russia. According to a 2012 study, the deformative type of aging accounts for about 37% of people worldwide.

Elena: People with oily, porous and combination skin are more susceptible to this type of age-related changes. and also with a tendency to be overweight. Aggravating factors are heredity, the presence of bad habits (sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, smoking), illiterately selected cosmetic care, the presence of internal diseases.

With age, people with the deformative type of aging have an excess of subcutaneous fat, because of what changes occur in microcirculation. All this leads to the formation of pronounced tissue edema and deformation of the face oval. For example, a double chin appears, the cheeks sag and become covered with a network of blood vessels, the nasolabial fold becomes more pronounced.

What are the features of the Russian type of aging and how to avoid it

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Prevention in youth

As the expert notes, the best treatment Is prevention at a young age. It implies proper nutrition and maintenance of water balance, a healthy lifestyle with regular physical activity, and the absence of bad habits. It is also important to provide the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals, proper cosmetic care using products with sunscreen factors.

Elena: Unfortunately, starting from the age of 25, our skin begins to processes of involution - the amount of collagen and elastin (proteins responsible for the tone and lifting of facial tissues) decreases annually, the quantity and quality of hyaluronic acid changes. It is important to start taking care of your skin from this age in order to prevent pronounced changes on the face.

How to fight aging?

In the arsenal of modern cosmetology there are many methods to combat the signs of aging of the deformation type ... To reduce swelling of facial tissues, there are invasive and non-invasive techniques. The first imply a violation of the integrity of the skin. For example, mesotherapy is the introduction of vitamin cocktails under the skin. Non-invasive - without violating the integrity of the skin - include manualand apparatus lymphatic drainage massage, microcurrent therapy.

What are the features of the Russian type of aging and how to avoid it


Elena: If the oval of the face has already begun to change and moderate nasolabial and labial folds or double chin have appeared, then the ideal procedures would be radiofrequency, laser or ultrasound lifting, or a thread facelift. But the contouring procedure should be used with special care, since there is a risk of aggravating the puffiness (since hyaluronic acid attracts water molecules). With pronounced age-related changes, plastic surgery is already indicated. And to eliminate vascular asterisks, phototherapy is recommended, in which the walls of the capillaries collapse and the vascular network disappears.

What are the features of the Russian type of aging and how to avoid it

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The doctor warns that self-medication in the presence of a deformation type of age-related changes can only aggravate the process, so it is better not to risk it and contact a specialist.

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