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What am I doing wrong? 7 actions that will make a healthy lifestyle completely useless

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are trumpeted at every corner. And after all, what could be wrong with eating right, playing sports, being energetic and ready for great achievements? But it can be difficult for beginners to understand all the intricacies of a healthy lifestyle. And, having made a number of mistakes, you will seriously complicate your path to a healthy body and mind, or even completely cut down on all aspirations. The Nylon edition has analyzed the main pitfalls that you may encounter on the way to a healthy lifestyle.

Frequent diet changes

A healthy lifestyle implies proper nutrition, but the number of different diets in an unprepared person starts ruffle in the eyes. Media personalities are vying with each other to praise various systems: keto diet, sirt food, flexitarianism, DASH, and they also quote a bunch of incomprehensible words. Everything looks tempting, and you want to try everything.

Today you eat a little five times a day, lean on cereals, vegetables and poultry. Tomorrow go to eggs, milk and fish, and in a week you decide to arrange fasting days for yourself and eat only detox cocktails. After starving for several days, you simply cannot cope and pounce on fried, fatty and sweet.

What am I doing wrong? 7 actions that will make a healthy lifestyle completely useless


Such abrupt and frequent transitions will play a cruel joke with your body, which will not have time to reorganize to a new type of nutrition. There will be problems with the digestive (gas, bloating, diarrhea) and immune systems, as well as the work of the brain.

How not to be mistaken? Do not immediately try to radically change your diet, it is better start small and move gradually. For example, eat more fresh vegetables, then slowly cut back on starchy foods, skip the evening desserts. Start drinking more water and less alcohol. A smooth transition will be psychologically much easier to perceive, you will not break down, which means you can develop the right habit.

What am I doing wrong? 7 actions that will make a healthy lifestyle completely useless

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Lack of sleep

You decided to go in for sports, but the time for it is catastrophic lacks. You have to train early in the morning or late in the evening, depriving yourself of a couple of hours of sleep. Unfortunately, this will definitely not work that way. A full 7-8-hour night's rest is vital for the body to recover, including after physical activity.

Lack of sleep now threatens obesity, diabetes and heart problems in the future. In addition, sleep fatigue can lead to injuries during sports.

How not to be mistaken? Give your body enough rest and learn to sleep properly. Create a schedule to wake up and fall asleep at about the same time each day. Try to stay up after midnight, move your phone away, turn off your computer and other devicess. It is best to sleep in quiet, dark and cool conditions, as well as on a comfortable mattress and comfortable bedding.

What am I doing wrong? 7 actions that will make a healthy lifestyle completely useless

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Exercising on an empty stomach

First of all, fasting will not work. result. Muscles not only will not grow, but also because of the cortisol produced by the body, they will begin to break down. Secondly, without food and a sufficient amount of water, you may feel dizzy, weakness and nausea. Thirdly, your concentration will decrease, and without it you risk doing the wrong exercises and getting injured.

What am I doing wrong? 7 actions that will make a healthy lifestyle completely useless

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How not to make a mistake? You need to maintain a balance, because training with a densely packed belly will not lead to anything good either. Energy will not be spent on working out the muscles, but on the digestion of food.

You need to eat about 2-3 hours before training. Even if you are going for a morning run, an hour before it you should have an easy breakfast: porridge, yogurt or banana. In any case, before classes, you should not load yourself with heavy food, it should be something light. And after a load, you need another meal from a combination of proteins and carbohydrates. This can be lean chicken breast, fish, eggs, rice, fruits and vegetables, dairy products.

Lack of warm-up and cool down

By stretching, you prepare your muscles for future loads or, in case hitch, on the contrary, calm the body. Lack of warm-up can lead to injuries, and without a hitch, you can face cramps and muscle pain.

How not to go wrong? Warm up and cool down should be an integral part of any workout. They do not take much time, just 10 minutes before class and 10 minutes after. Warming up smoothly accelerates your heart rate and breathing rate, your muscles are warmed up by the blood flow. Cooling down helps to lower your heart rate and calm your breathing. If during the warm-up you need to gradually increase the pace, then during the hitch, on the contrary, decrease it. Suitable exercises are jogging or stretching.

What am I doing wrong? 7 actions that will make a healthy lifestyle completely useless

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Nutritional Supplements

Pharmacy windows are full of jars of dietary supplements, sold without a prescription to anyone. But you should not choose and even more combine dietary supplements with each other without a doctor's prescription.
Not knowing what effect different ingredients will have on your body, you can only harm yourself. It may contain substances that, in principle, do not suit you, and some trace elements and vitamins generally negate each other's action. Plus, you can easily over-supply certain For example, excessive consumption of iron causes nausea, and vitamin A - headaches and liver damage.

How not to be mistaken? Food supplements should be used only after examination and consultation with a doctor. The specialist will explain exactly what your body needs. One way or another, dietary supplements are not at all an obligatory element on the path to a healthy lifestyle, and in most cases they are a banal siphoning of money from your wallet. In a healthy lifestyle, the main thing is proper nutrition, exercise and good sleep.

What am I doing wrong? 7 actions that will make a healthy lifestyle completely useless


Excessive zeal

Are you trying to get your body in shape and do your best in the gym, and the next day you can't even get out of bed and feel pissed? This body signals that you are overdoing it. Excessive zeal, especially if this is your first time in a long time, is completely pointless and can contribute to injury.

How not to be mistaken? Don't try to take on everything at once. The body needs time to adapt to intense stress. A couple of hard workouts a week will be enough. The rest of the days can be diversified with lighter activities: walking or yoga.

What am I doing wrong? 7 actions that will make a healthy lifestyle completely useless

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Constant weight control

Constant weighing can only harm your motivation. You will watch with bitterness that either the weight jumps back and forth, or stands still.

How not to be mistaken? First, weight is not ideal and the only indicator of health. He will not say anything about the ratio of muscle and fat tissues in the body, so you should not get hung up on him. In addition, fluctuations during the day or lack of progress in losing weight are completely normal processes. The first is influenced by the amount of drink and eaten, as well as going to the toilet. In the second case, the mystery may lie in the plateau effect - slowing down the weight loss while losing weight. Or you’ve started to burn fewer calories and consume the same amount as before. Then you should adjust the training program or reduce the calorie intake.

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