6 Dumbest Push-Up Mistakes Sabotaging Your Chest Growth! STOP DOING THESE!

What am I doing wrong? 5 common push-up mistakes

Nowadays, home workouts have become especially popular. Most often, basic exercises are selected for them that work several muscle groups at the same time and do not require the use of equipment. All this can be said about the classic push-ups from the floor. When done correctly, they primarily engage the pectoral muscles, as well as the triceps, deltoids and cortex.

But what if you devote enough attention and time to push-ups, and still there is no progress? Most likely, the problem lies in the wrong technique. Together with the World Class Alexander Karpov coach, we talk about five common mistakes in one of the most popular exercises.

Lack of preparation

It is generally accepted that push-ups are a simple exercise with own weight even for beginners. In fact, most problems with technique arise due to physical unpreparedness and a banal lack of strength.

Alexander: If a beginner immediately starts doing difficult push-ups, there is a high probability that he simply does not will be able to perform the required number of times and will not do them correctly. Accordingly, the effectiveness of the exercise will be low. In addition to the strength of the pectoral, deltoid and arm muscles, it is important to prepare your core muscles for full push-ups.

What am I doing wrong? 5 common push-up mistakes

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Therefore, before proceeding with the classic execution option, try to start with the preparatory and leading exercises. Among them:

  • plank on straight arms;
  • bringing the shoulder blades in the bar on straight arms;
  • push-ups from the bench or with support on the knees;
  • holding the position at the bottom point during push-ups;
  • 1/3 movement push-ups - top.

They will significantly reduce the load and teach you to include the necessary muscle groups in the work.

What am I doing wrong? 5 common push-up mistakes

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What am I doing wrong? 5 common push-up mistakes

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Incorrect placement of arms and elbows

Quite often inexperienced athletes place elbows to the sides, while the hands are turned with fingers towards each other. When viewed from above, the body in this position is similar to the letter T. This error leads to an incorrect distribution of the load. The shoulders are overextended, and the triceps and chest remain out of business - there is a risk of injury to the shoulder joint.

Alexander: In the classic version, the hands are located slightly wider than the shoulders and under the shoulder joints, the shoulder blades are shown, fixed anatomically correct curves of the spine. We go down, bend our arms at the elbow joints, continue to hold the shoulder blades adducted and maintain the position of the back. Elbows directedWe are approximately at an angle of 45-50 degrees from the body. Then we smoothly return upstairs. The range of motion will depend on the level of fitness, ideally before the chest touches the floor.

What am I doing wrong? 5 common push-up mistakes

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The body does not form a straight line

Two more common errors are the deflection in the lower back and the protruding pelvis. In both cases, the technique is grossly violated, because during push-ups, the body must copy the anatomically correct position of the spine. Approximately what we take when we stand on our feet. At the same time, it is important to ensure that natural curves do not increase.

Alexander: It is necessary to feel that the weight of the body is on the hands, the shoulder blades are always connected and the correct position of the back is maintained. Remember, failure reps are when you are unable to perform an exercise in the correct technique.

Lumbar deflection occurs due to the fact that the press is not included in the process, and you need to strain it. An abnormal pelvic position also occurs when the core muscles are mistakenly relaxed. If you let your buttocks stick out, then you put extra stress on the lower back and shoulders. And this, in turn, will lead to painful sensations.

What am I doing wrong? 5 common push-up mistakes

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What am I doing wrong? 5 common push-up mistakes

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Turtle Neck

The head and neck should be kept in a natural position during push-ups: they continue the correct line of the spine, which we talked about. It is wrong and, moreover, dangerous to lower the neck and head down, closer to the floor. In this case, the cervical vertebrae are overstrained. In the worst case, it can lead to cumulative injuries.

What am I doing wrong? 5 common push-up mistakes

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The pursuit of quantity, not quality

A large number of push-ups with a small amplitude will be simply useless and will not work the body. Therefore, it is better for newly minted athletes to pay attention to quality.

Alexander: Again, everything rests against the current level of physical fitness - beginners are different. You can start with any number, be it one repetition or 21. You can increase them as soon as you can, but without breaking the technique. By the way, it is possible to add load in push-ups not only due to the number of approaches, but also with the help of additional weights or resistance, changing the rest time and pace of execution.

Remember that high-quality exercise is always as complete as possible. This is whyMu try to lower your chest as low as possible, as far as your strength is enough. And then rise as you exhale. Yes, it will be much more difficult, but progress will not keep you waiting.

What am I doing wrong? 5 common push-up mistakes

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