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Wet test: how to choose the right running shoe?

Before Choosing Your Perfect Running Shoes

When choosing a running shoe, consider the type of surface you will be running on. Perhaps your first marathon is just around the corner, or you are going on a mountain hike with friends. The sales assistant of any sports store can easily help you figure it out. Among other things, it is important to know your pronation (an individual indicator of how the foot lands on the support surface). Very often, when choosing new running shoes, we overlook the appropriateness of the shoe to the type of pronation. This can cause significant discomfort in the future, since during active jogging, the foot is under significant stress.

Today, running shoes have become so high-tech that an incorrectly selected pair of sneakers can not only cause discomfort, but also provoke injury. Let's figure out together what pronation is and how to define it at home?

Wet test: how to choose the right running shoe?


Pronation is a natural movement that causes the foot to roll inward. Due to the peculiarities of the structure of the foot, there are several types of it:

hypopronation - insufficient (picture 2);

hyperpronation - excessive (picture 1);

neutral pronation (picture 3).

Contrary to misconception, don't just pick up and buy the first running shoes that fit. First, it is worth determining the type of your pronation (how the foot lands on the support surface) - this will help gait analysis (video recording of running on a treadmill in sneakers with a minimum level of support, on the basis of which a specialist will select the right pair of sneakers) or the so-called wet test, which you can do yourself at home - our expert, the senior trainer of the Nike + running club Mikhail Kapitonov, told the editorial board . - In order to complete it, you need to take a sheet of thick paper, put it on the floor and, having wet your bare feet, stand on the sheet for about half a minute. After that, step off the sheet and draw a pencil around the boundaries of wet spots left on the paper.

Wet test: how to choose the right running shoe?


If you are over-pronated, you should pay attention to sneakers with an emphasis on stabilizing the foot and fixing the rear of the foot. For those with normal or insufficient pronation, we recommend running shoes from the cushioning range.

Lifehack from the editorial board : in some stores you can immediately try running shoes in action - get on the track in them and to understand whether they sit comfortably and whether they are generally suitable for carrying out running movements.

Interesting fact : it is better to measure sneakers in the second half of the day when the foot is slightly increased (as it happens and when running) - usually no more than half a size.

Take the Wiggle Wet Test: Learn Your Foot Type

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