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Well you are a mother, why do you need sports? Girls who motivate

Restoring and maintaining shape is a complex process that sometimes even people who have a lot of free time cannot do. If you have long lost your motivation and incentive to exercise, just look at these moms who, even after the birth of children, continue to keep themselves in shape and motivate hundreds of girls through their social media accounts.


Anastasia, pregnancy and postpartum fitness specialist. On Instagram, the girl shares useful exercises for maintaining her figure, and also develops her author's fitness project.


Agatha, mom and yogi, teacher at children's dance school , nutritional consultant. Shares tips for yoga lovers in his profile and tells how he trains with his child at home and outdoors.

Toddlers are just developing their worldview and habits. If he remembers that his parents eat in front of the TV, he will begin to do so himself. And if there are sports people around, then the habit of an active lifestyle will be laid almost on a subconscious level. An apple from an apple tree ....


Christina, personal blogger and traveler. He talks about traveling with a child, shares his sports secrets.

Three life rules:
- if you don't take a step forward, you won't budge;
- if you don't ask, you won't get an answer;
- if you don't try, you won't achieve your goal.


Olga, author of the blog American Motherhood. On Instagram, he talks about his own experience of raising a baby, as well as how to keep fit.

By the way, regular exercise, exercise in the morning is a matter of habit, and it takes 21 days to form a habit. Better yet, 40 days. Make a promise to yourself to do something for 40 days, without missing a day, and at 41, 42 and so on, you won't want to end the days.


Anastasia, the author of her own home workout and nutrition program, lost 23 kilograms after giving birth. In her profile you will find many tips for getting back in shape after pregnancy, as well as exercise at home with the kids.

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