Exploring Moscow... Dangerously Cold!

Welcome to winter: where to go on a weekend in Moscow?

We have collected the top 5 events that will simply not get bored this weekend. So eat delicious food, dress warmer and don't forget that the onset of cold weather is not a reason to miss your workout!


At the dance center PRO DANCE 30 November, 1 and 2 December Russian and world choreographers will give lectures and master classes.

Red Bull Dance Connect is a global educational platform in the field of street dance, combining online content on YouTube and Instagram and a master -classes in halls around the world. The main directions are hip-hop, popping, house, locking and break dance, but in each country the program is supplemented with intensives in strong local styles. In Moscow, this will be a krump workshop and lessons in experimental and contemporary dance.

International dancers Red Bull Diablo (hip-hop), Greenteck will perform on the first Russian platform Dance Connect with original master classes, seminars and lectures (popping), Dassy (popping) and Menno (breaking), choreographers of the PROTANTSA center Alexey Shalburov (hip-hop), Yegor Sokolov (house) and Maria Zaplechnaya (contemporary dance), as well as representatives of the Russian street dance scene L'eto, Jack's Garret, Robin, Vovan Gudym and Irina SNCH.

Participation is free.

Eco-market in Konkovo ​​

events on December 1 master class Winter landscape from the art studio Floraks. The next day, the Ecomarket will host a New Year's photo session from Wood Wood with a special children's program, a buffet table for guests and tasting items from the new menu.
On December 8, 9 and 15 master classes will be held for the Parade of Christmas balls, Christmas toys and My Christmas star. where children will be taught how to make holiday decorations.

On December 16, the founder of Cezve Coffee, Marina Hüppenen, will introduce Christmas coffees and teach them how to brew them in cezve, a special copper dish reminiscent of a Turk.
New Year's program will end on December 23 master -class Small Christmas tree is cold in winter to create Christmas trees from corrugated paper.

All events begin at 14:00. Free admission. Ecomarket in Konkovo ​​is located at 126 Profsoyuznaya Street, Building 3.

Learn more.

Cheesecakes at VDNKh

VDNKh have officially launched the tubing slopes. Five trails with a length of about 80 meters are equipped with tube lifts. All of them are located to the right of the Main Entrance arch, in the Northern Square.

The cost for adults is 200-300 rubles / 5 runs, for children 150-200 rubles / 5 runs.

Winter season in Nike Box

A new training program inspired by figure skating, hockey and snowboarding was launched at the Nike Box MSK in Gorky Park on November 26. Professional athletes took part in its development, including the Olympic champion in figureFor skating, Adelina Sotnikova and the legendary ice hockey player, three-time Stanley Cup winner Igor Larionov.

Figure skating workouts that combine jumping elements, work at the ballet barre and stretching will help develop strength, flexibility and coordination. In the hockey program, special attention is paid to working with joint stabilization, increasing power and endurance. Snowboarding classes will help you get in shape for the season: here the emphasis is on joint stability and mobility, as well as strength work on the lower body.

In the near future, a heated football field will also open in the cultural and sports center in Gorky Park, where you can play comfortably and safely even in cold and snowy weather.
Igor Larionov mentioned , Adelina Sotnikova and other sports stars will become guests of special weekly meetings in space: they will talk about their professional experience, training process, answer guests' questions.

Nike Box MSK classes are free. You can find out the schedule and register for training on the website.

Drawing in virtual reality

A studio has opened in the Soyuz business park, where everyone, even without experience in drawing, will be able to create an amazing picture in three-dimensional space. Modern equipment allows guests to immerse themselves in the picture and create from the inside.

You will be assisted by animated and static brushes, as well as various effects. Static brushes give everyone familiar strokes, simulating markers, pencils, ink and paints. Animated effects will help you draw blazing fire, twinkling stars, calm water, bright lightning and other moving phenomena. With a simple wave of your hand in the air, you will begin to paint a unique picture in virtual reality. This does not require special knowledge and skills, even a child can create a VR picture. After finishing your session, you can take your creation with you in the form of a photo or video.

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