Weight Loss Series Episode 1! // friend or foe

Weight loss scales: friend or foe?

Expert of the Championship Wellness Coach Andrey Semeshov talks about the insidiousness of the main gadget in the arsenal of a person on a diet.

Tell me honestly, those who have a history of any diet experience, how often have you stepped on the scales to celebrate the unrelenting progress? This usually happens on a daily basis. But you do not need to do this in any case - you risk never really losing weight, but only making international concerns - battery manufacturers - a little richer.

What is the danger

How it happens in practice ? A person all day courageously overcomes all the temptations of the world gastronomic backstage, instead of an evening rest in front of the TV, he sweats in the gym. In the morning he gets on the scales, expecting a reward minus 300 grams, and there is a plus! The next frame - roll it all to hell, it's still no use! - march to the refrigerator with the destruction of everything that is not nailed. The second scenario is to cut off the daily calorie content even more, in especially difficult cases to go on unloading kefir diets or some other fashionable obscurantism from the Instagram pages (they won't lie there!)

And in that, and in another case, nothing good, of course, happens. And these unfortunate scales, which showed an increase, are to blame. Although, provided that only two factors are observed - a reasonable diet and adequate physical activity - the process of burning body fat goes on as usual. And it does not always directly correlate with the readings on the scales. In just a day, the weight can change by kg or even more. There are many reasons - shifts in the water-salt balance (ate salted fish at night), muscle edema after shock strength training, changes in hormonal levels, which is especially important for women.

Weight loss scales: friend or foe?

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How to do it right

So you don't weigh yourself at all? I'm afraid no one who is losing weight can withstand such torture. The brain loves to measure and analyze everything. Yes, and for motivation, it will not hurt us to know that just a couple of months ago they carried on themselves, say, 7 kg more. It's just that the scales, like any other instrument, are best used correctly.

1. Measurements should be carried out once a week.
2. Always in more or less similar conditions. For example, Sunday morning before breakfast.
3. Use the same scales, since the error in the settings of different equipment can steal all the positive dynamics.
4. It is better to purchase a scale with additional sensors that calculate the percentage of body fat. The data will, of course, be very, very approximate, but at a distance they will clearly show the dynamics.
5. In case of divergence of expectations (lost weight) with reality (weight has not changed ☹) - first, analyze what happened last night. Maybe the body has taken on a little extra water. Of course, women need to consider cycle-related fluctuations.

But even following these rules does not guarantee that you will be able to avoidweight trap. For example, beginners who recently crossed the threshold of the gym can sometimes build muscle mass even on a diet, when it would seem theoretically impossible. Calories are low, therefore there is nowhere to get the building material for new muscle fibers. But the body somehow dodges and still builds muscles, it seems that it is literally out of thin air. This period, unfortunately, is short, but it exists! Such is the bonus to neophytes, for which experienced athletes are ready to sell their souls. But, alas, this is no longer available to them. That is, the body for a certain short period of time can eat up fat and grow muscles. And as a result, the scales - an increase.

Weight loss scales: friend or foe?

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Additional indicator

In general, the readings of the scales, as you already understood, are a tricky thing, relying only on them is a big risk to ruin your mood. Therefore, I always recommend that once a week, not only get on the scales, but also measure your waist. The most common measuring tape (tailor's or sewing meter). The rules are generally the same as for weighing.

1. Unity of time and conditions (Sunday morning on an empty stomach).
2. Do not change the measuring device (tapes have different levels of elongation, which happens to steal half a centimeter, and sometimes they are so important).
3. Do not draw in or protrude the abdomen, maintain a neutral position.
4. Men measure their waist at the level just below the navel, women at the narrowest point. But the most important thing is to always measure exactly at the same level.

In practice, the weight can remain unchanged, but the waist for the same week will become thinner by a centimeter (sometimes more). Of course, this means that the fat layer is thinning, and this is our main task! It happens, and vice versa, the waist indicators do not change, but the weight is gone. Also good. Perfectly, if the minus is there and there. But this does not always happen. Very often these indicators will play catch-up. But for us, a safety net is important so that the readings of the scales do not spoil our mood and do not take away the much needed motivation to continue.

By the way, if I choose between the scales and the tape, I definitely vote for the latter. So you can try to save some money. Both nerves and money (initial models of scales with a fat tissue analyzer are a couple of thousand rubles and more, a tailor's meter - 200 rubles). Film A Little Life Hack. And the waist circumference can quickly tell whether it's time to lose weight or you can still go for a walk. If the measurement result is less than half of your height, then everything is not so bad. Was there more? Well, as an option, you can try to grow up.

Weight loss scales: friend or foe?

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Dial patience

And what if both the waist and weight have not changed over the week? Do not panic! First, the body does not like to lose weight. This is fat for you - a source of dissatisfaction with the reflection in theerkale, and for him - a stash in case of hunger. And you know yourself, nobody likes to pull something out of the stash. And he tries in every possible way not to do this. So wait another week. And if even then the process is not moving in the right direction, then there is a reason to make adjustments to nutrition and physical activity.

In general, do not rush. You have not been getting fat for a month or a year, so give your body time to remember what it is like to be beautiful and fit again.

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