Serbian Taekwondo Fighter (Sara Damnjanovic)

Weather and martial arts: Serbian host's training videos are impressive

Many people watch the weather forecast in Serbia. And not only because they want to know whether to take an umbrella with them tomorrow. The fact is that the program is being hosted by a real beauty Sara Damyanovich .

There is no doubt about the forecast of the charismatic TV presenter. Because who in their right mind would dare to argue with a black belt in taekwondo?

Weather and martial arts: Serbian host's training videos are impressive

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Football fan

Serbian - a real football lover. During the World Cup in Russia, she appeared in the frame exclusively in the T-shirt of the Serbian national team, and before telling about the weather, she was revealingly minted the ball.

These skills don't come out of nowhere. It turns out that since childhood Sarah loved to chase the ball with the boys in the yard. I have played football all my life. And now I do this as soon as I have a little free time. And, of course, I love watching football on TV, the girl admits.

Weather and martial arts: Serbian host's training videos are impressive

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The TV presenter loves sports and hopes to fall in love with a fitness trainer at the age of 90.

At the same time, she does not need to be in boots and athletic form to demonstrate her skills. Damianovic can impress with his athletic skills even in heels!

Also, good stretching allows Sarah to do amazing tricks. For example, she calmly kicks a soccer ball off the head of a tall man. Judging by his calm reaction, this is not the first time the Serbian beauty has done this.

TikTok and the black belt

By the age of 22, the TV presenter became the owner of a black belt in taekwondo. She twice became the champion of the Balkans and was the medalist of the European Championship. Almost 600 thousand people follow her on Instagram, and almost two million are subscribed to her on TikTok! She is the most popular blogger on this site throughout the Balkans.

Sarah could easily be a regular Instagram model and make good money on it. But she is more interested in sports and martial arts. What is once again confirmed by her posts - Damyanovich regularly uploads cool training videos.

Weather and martial arts: Serbian host's training videos are impressive

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Sometimes she works out with the help of special dummies. And her skills are amazing. But the girl makes an even greater impression when she trains with real people. It seems that not every man will be able to cope with her if it comes to a real fight.

Winning a beauty contest

Still, Sarah remains a girl - hobbies have not deprived her of her femininity ... Last year, the TV presenter participated in the Miss Asia Global 2019 beauty pageant and won a landslide victory. Indeed, a talented person is talented in everything.

At the moment, Damyanovich considers sports to be his top priority. The Serbian beauty is sure that she will still have time to gain fame as an Instagram model and fitness blogger, but for now she decided to focus on participating in major international taekwondo tournaments and developing football skills.

Instagram Viral Taekwondo Champion | Sara Damnjanovic (Satire)

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