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We train at home. Effective exercises from a fitness trainer

In winter, many of us become practically reclusive to our cozy home refuge. The maximum plan for the day is to get to work, and then quickly go home, make hot tea and watch New Year's films. In cold weather, it is difficult to force yourself to get to the fitness center, especially if it is far from home. But don't despair! Together with the fitness trainer of the World Class Ekaterina Nekrasova network, we have prepared a set of exercises for the home, which will allow you to keep your body in good shape all winter.

What should know a beginner before starting a home workout?

Choose exercises according to your fitness level

A big plus of training at home is that you can always find time for it. It is only important to overcome your laziness and start training in a good mood. Do it gradually: do not try to do exercises that are not designed for your level right away. Otherwise, you simply will not enjoy sports, and this is the main motivation.

Remove all irritants from yourself

They can suddenly bring down the entire pace of the entire workout ... Anything can get in your way: the TV is on, the phone rings, or a pet watching you curiously.

We train at home. Effective exercises from a fitness trainer


Don't expect a quick result

You must understand that a beautiful relief abs will not appear immediately and the waist will become thinner in a couple of days. Despite the slowness of progress, do not quit training and do not think that they will not be of any benefit. Everything will appear, but over time.

Warm up

Be sure to do a joint warm-up before training. After all, it is she who will prepare your body for the upcoming load. It will take literally 5 minutes, so don't be lazy.

Drink water

Don't forget to drink during your workout - this is extremely important. With sweat, many useful substances leave the body. And with profuse sweating, the blood becomes thicker, it is harder for the heart to move it.

We train at home. Effective exercises from a fitness trainer

Whole body in 30 minutes. Effective workout at home

Just four simple exercises that will work great for different muscle groups.

We train at home. Effective exercises from a fitness trainer

Exercise does not make the waistline thinner. What are you doing wrong?

Common mistakes and basic rules in exercises for a narrow waist.

Effective exercises for home workouts

Before training you you will need a fitness mat and dumbbells weighing 2-3 kg. All exercises are done with an emphasis on time. They should be performed in a circle, for 40-50 seconds each. The optimal rest time is 10 seconds. Let's go!

Calf Squats

Starting position: Legs slightly wider than shoulders, socks are spread apart.

Sit down to the level of parallel with the floor, point your knees towards the socks, stand up and rise onthem. Try to push yourself out of the squat position with your buttocks, squeezing them tightly.

Caterpillar push-up

Starting position: standing.

Get down and touch the floor with your hands. Next, walk with your hands to the plank pose, squeeze out and return to the starting position in the same way.

Shoulder bridge

Starting position: lying on the back, legs bent at the knees.

Lift your pelvis and squeeze your buttocks tightly for a second. Then lower your pelvis again, but do not touch the floor. However, you should not relax your muscles.

We train at home. Effective exercises from a fitness trainer

How to lose weight in 4 minutes a day? Fast Fat Burning Workout

Sweating in the gym is no longer necessary.

We train at home. Effective exercises from a fitness trainer

Functional workout. Tightened body in 15 minutes a day

Universal program for all muscle groups, based on only 4 exercises.


Starting position: lying on your stomach, arms extended above your head, legs straight.

As you exhale, raise your arms and legs, straining your back and buttocks. Hold this position for a second.


Starting position: lying on your back, legs bent at the knees, arms at the temples.

As you exhale, lift your shoulder blades away from floor and tense your abs strongly. Traditionally, hold this position for a second. Return to the starting position, touching the floor with your shoulder blades, but not your head. Don't completely relax until the end of the exercise.

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