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We meet winter actively. Top sports events of the month

The approach of winter is not a reason to stay at home. Next month will be rich in sporting events, so we are planning to actively meet the frosty season. Moscow will host international fitness and bodybuilding competitions for the first time, Yekaterinburg will close the running season with a half marathon, and the Northern capital will host the final ACA league tournament. We tell you about the main events and activities in our traditional calendar of events.

Crowdsourcing project City of Sports

When? November 20-29
Where? Moscow

We meet winter actively. Top sports events of the month

Photo: Evgeny Samarin

A new interactive online project is starting in the capital, the goal of which is to improve the sports sphere of Moscow. The City of Sports will be held in three stages: Offer, Discuss and Evaluate. At the first, Muscovites will be able to express their individual wishes and suggestions for organizing sports events, sections and informing the sports life in the capital. At the second stage, active residents of the city will take part in discussions, and at the third stage, they will vote for the best ideas. The proposals to which the largest number of participants will respond will be implemented.

You can register and join the project right now.

Moscow Sprint WRF 2019

When? 23 November
Where? Olympic Center named after Znamensky brothers, Moscow
Distances: 3 km / 1.5 km / 400 m / 200 m / 60 m / shot put / long jump

Tired of marathons and long mileage? The Moscow sprint is definitely suitable for short distance fans. The organizers offer participants to choose between races from 60 m to 3 km. In addition to running competitions, the program of the event includes long jump and shot put. In these disciplines, not only adults, but also children who have reached the age of 10 will be able to test their strengths.

For those who want to spend the coming Saturday on the run, we advise you to hurry up. The number of free places for participation is limited.

Paid registration and a medical certificate are required to participate.

IFBB PRO LEAGUE International Championship

When? November 30
Where? Izmailovo Concert Hall, Moscow

For the first time in Moscow there will be a fitness and bodybuilding championship among adult athletes and juniors with the assignment of a professional qualifications. At the end of the event, seven professional cards of the IFBB PRO League will be drawn. The lucky ones will also receive an invitation to apply for a visa to the United States in order to participate in prestigious competitions on another continent.

The uniqueness of the championship lies in the fact that it is open to athletes allex countries.
Before the competition, athletes can choose a suitable category for themselves: fitness, body fitness, classic, beach bodybuilding or bikini. Moreover, both men and women will compete in each of them.

Paid registration is required to participate. To become a guest of the event, buy a ticket.

FONBET Children's Sledge Hockey League Festival

When? November 30 - December 4
Where? Sochi

Soon the second Children's Hockey League Festival will take place in the Olympic city. Sledge hockey, or sled hockey, is the Paralympic version of classic ice hockey. The children's team festival will become not just a tournament for young athletes, but a big family holiday. The team players themselves, and their parents, and friends will be able to participate in it. Young hockey players will be able to meet like-minded people from different parts of Russia and get game practice. And, of course, a bright opening ceremony and many exciting activities await all guests!

The festival matches will be held on ice arenas that are adapted for people with disabilities.

Free admission.

Europe-Asia Winter Half Marathon

When? December 1
Where? Yekaterinburg
Distances: 21.1 km / 7 km / 400 m

On the first day of winter in the very heart of the Urals, the last of the four starts of the EUROPE – ASIA running series will take place. More than 2500 participants from 12 countries of the world are already planning to run with a chill. Each athlete will receive a branded warm hat, gifts and discounts from partners, as well as a commemorative medal of the finisher. But the most important thing is that by joining the half marathon, you can finish the running season brightly and have a lot of fun!

Paid registration and a medical certificate are required to participate.

Union Cup states in sambo

When? December 7
Where? Ice Cube Arena, Sochi

The Union State Cup is an excellent excuse to plunge into the world of martial arts and spend a weekend in an intriguing atmosphere of competition. You will be able to watch a spectacular fight between 16 strongest athletes: world and European champions from Russia, Belarus, Romania, Georgia, France, Latvia and other countries. Sambo wrestlers will not only compete for the title of the strongest and demonstrate well-honed techniques, but also share their personal experience at special master classes, meet with young athletes and hold photo and autograph sessions.

Free admission.

ACA 103 Tournament

When? December 14
Where? Sibur Arena, St. Petersburg

In the middle of December, the final ACA league tournament will take place in the Northern capital. In the main battle of the evening, St. Petersburg resident Alexei Butorin and mixed martial arts champion Dovletjan Yagshimuradov, who is currently leading a series of seven victories in a row, will meet. The second most expected fight will be the meeting between Francisco De Lima Matsiel and Rustam Kerimov - the champion who will defend the title right at the tournament. In addition, fans of martial arts are eagerly awaiting the return of Marat Motivator Balaev - and it will happen at ACA 103!

A ticket must be purchased.

Space Carnival 2019

When? December 15
Where? SC Vympel, Korolev
Distances: 21,1 km / 10 km / 3 km / 800 m / 400 m

Winter is not a reason to lose heart! The fun and costumed Space Carnival will help get rid of the gloom, fabulously close the running season in Korolev and spend the weekend with benefit. By the way, the whole family can come to the start. The organizers included in the program children's races of 400 and 800 meters, in which young runners from 4 to 11 years old will take part. And those who do not want to cover the distance alone can choose the start Solnyshko - for children with parents.

Paid registration and a medical certificate are required to participate.

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