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We draw the abs and buttocks using makeup. And what, so it was possible?

For the sake of a dream figure, you have to work long and painstakingly. And not only in the gym, but also in the kitchen, adjusting the diet and trying to reduce the body fat on a calorie deficit. But what to do if you want to look stunning at an important event or celebration, and you have little time left? It turns out that there is a way out - you just need to stock up on makeup and brushes. Of course, with their help, extra pounds will not go anywhere, and muscles will not grow, but a short-term visual effect is definitely provided.

We draw the abs and buttocks using makeup. And what, so it was possible?

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What is contouring?

In fact, this is a special makeup technique that allows you to give the face and certain parts of the body the desired shape. To do this, some areas are lightened and others are darkened. Contouring is done with a highlighter, a dark concealer, sometimes bronzer and a fluffy wide brush. Now these products can be found in any cosmetics store: they are produced by a huge number of brands in various price categories. Products can be creamy or dry textures.

We draw the abs and buttocks using makeup. And what, so it was possible?


Usually contouring is used when sculpting the face. This way you can emphasize the cheekbones, change the shape of the nose, make the lips more voluminous and outline the swan's neck. You can hardly surprise anyone with these techniques. But more and more often corrective makeup began to be applied in relation to the body - to create a slim figure and relief.

We draw the abs and buttocks using makeup. And what, so it was possible?

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Thin legs and abs : how to make corrective make-up for the body?

While the vast majority of girls are familiar with face make-up, not all of them have experienced body contouring. Here's how it works.


A special foundation or self-tanning and highlighter will help make them look slimmer. One of the first two products should be applied evenly to the feet, and the shine powder should be worked over the center vertical lines. Of course, muscles cannot be emphasized in this way, but, in truth, girls rarely chase the relief of their legs, unless we are talking about fitness bikini models.

With these tools, you can also hide imperfections: bruises, scratches , stretch marks. But if you are an adherent of naturalness and just want your skin to look healthier, then a nourishing cream is enough.

We draw the abs and buttocks using makeup. And what, so it was possible?

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Both women and husband can create cubes using makeupranks. The principle is the same for everyone: on moist skin, you need to draw artificial shadows along the natural lines of the press and blend them well with a brush. Girls can apply a bronzer on the sides, this will visually reduce the waist.

The main thing is not to overdo it, so that the relief does not look catchy and unnatural. And if you decide on a cunning trick, then remember that fake cubes will smear at the first contact with water. So a full beach season with contouring alone will not work.

We draw the abs and buttocks using makeup. And what, so it was possible?

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Both sexes also resort to correcting this zone. Applying makeup to the chest, you need, again, to work correctly with the shadows. It is worth drawing with a dark corrector lines from the hollow in both directions to get the shape of the letter Y, and apply a highlighter to the most protruding points. If desired, you can emphasize the curves of the collarbones.


Yes, they can be not only squatted, but also correctly corrected with the help of cosmetics. To make the buttocks appear more voluminous, you need to draw rounded curves in the same way as with the breasts, and add shine to the prominent areas.

With makeup, you can change the shape of literally any part of the body. This is useful if you want a quick and beautiful effect. But a truly high-quality body is achieved only through persistent work on oneself. And such a result, fortunately, is not washed off with water.


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