Daredevils Who Lost Their Lives During Insane Stunts

We do not recommend repeating: exciting stunts from the world of parkour

Nowadays it is becoming more difficult to surprise people. But there are parkourists in the world who can definitely argue with this statement. For those who are not familiar with this term, let us explain: parkourists are people who move and overcome obstacles using jumping elements. They are real professionals in their field. Many of them have become winners of major competitions more than once. Sometimes, while watching another video, you involuntarily clutch at your heart - it looks so charming and dangerous.

We strongly recommend not to repeat the tricks. Better follow them on the Internet with us.

One of the most recognizable Russian parkourists is Oleg Sherstyachenko , better known under the pseudonym olegcricket .

Oleg is 29 years old and comes from Yekaterinburg. He started doing parkour at the age of 14. If you believe the words of the athlete, he was deeply impressed as a child by the film Yamakashi: The New Samurai.

Oleg likes to surprise his subscribers, so he often uses the roofs of high-rise buildings for his tricks. On the one hand, it looks beautiful, on the other - as scary as possible. While watching his video, you involuntarily grab hold of your heart.

In this video, Oleg uses his already favorite place - the roof. Without any fear, he jumps onto a narrow parapet, where he can calmly lie down or, for example, hang on his fingers.

By the way, back in 2017, Oleg Cricket shot a joint video with Russian model Victoria Odintsova. The girl trusted the master and hung on a huge Dubai skyscraper, holding exclusively by the hand of Cricket. After the video was published on the Internet, the world media only trumpeted this incident.

Our next hero is Pavel Petkuns , known on social networks under the pseudonym pashatheboss . Pavel is from the Latvian city of Daugavpils. As Petkuns himself said, his compatriot Oleg Vorslav inspired him to practice parkour, whose video he saw in 2005.

Over time, Petkuns developed his own style, and already for the first competitions a 16-year-old teenager went to England in 2009 year. Then he took the last place, but did not stop studying from this. Today Petkuns is a multiple world champion.

In this video Pavel demonstrated a large number of tricks, let's figure it out.

It seems to be an ordinary staircase - but for Petkuns it is a kind of shell. So, for example, he, like a snake, slides under the railing, using his athletic ability.

And then Pasha climbed onto the roof of the booth on the beach. But Petkuns descends from there in a peculiar way - in a jump, performing several turns in the air.

An ordinary wall, but even here Pavel finds a place for a trick - after the jump he rests on his back, andthen, pushing off with his feet, he jumps again and lands back on the ground.

A jump in front of you? Easy. But that's not all: descent from the railing and a couple of gymnastic jumps - now it’s definitely the final.

Next comes a flip on the wall, in this trick Pasha is helped by a beam under the bridge.
A flip using two fingers , also not a problem for Petkuns. Pavel jumps from the horizontal bar onto the trampoline, and then jumps back onto the horizontal bar.

A somersault in front of him from the curb? Too easy. Jumping in front of you in the cheetah style also looks mesmerizing.

Besides tricks on the street, Petkuns often uses trampolines. For example, in this video, he climbed to the fourth level. Having pushed off the projectile, he makes a jump, while turning over several times in the air. The trick worked.

The Frenchman Remy Girard is 22 years old. He is fond of not only parkour, but also freerunning with acrobatics. By the way, he was engaged in acrobatics from early childhood. According to the athlete, he turned his hobby into a profession. Remy performs in circuses, theaters and street shows.

In this video, Girard just combines parkour and acrobatics. After the already familiar parkour trick, Remy performs his favorite gymnastic style jumps. It's worth noting that the Frenchman jumps great.

Here's one of Remy's best tricks. The athlete performs the most difficult trick on his hands. Acrobatics from childhood make themselves felt.

Next in line is another parkourist - Kirill Kolesnikov . He is only 22 years old and comes from St. Petersburg. He has been fond of parkour since 2012, and today he is a participant in championships all over the world.

Cyril's strong point is jumping. He masterfully demonstrates parkour in Moscow realities, as in the next video. We warn you that there will be a lot of jumps, and from different locations: playground, park, beach. But it is worth paying attention to the kissing trick: during the next element in flight, Kirill manages to kiss his girlfriend.

An extreme parkour trick with a car is next in line. The guy is standing on the stairs, but as soon as the car drives up as close as possible, our hero makes a jump - the car knocks down the very staircase where the parkourist stood a couple of moments ago. In turn, the guy lands on the prepared mats. Effectively. The subscribers were even asked: Fake or not? The commentators think this is fair.

For a nice frame parkourists sometimes jump from one building to another. This guy is no exception. Moreover, in a jump he makes a couple of coups, and then almost jumps off the roof. Does it look beautiful? Yes. But is it worth the risk for this?


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