Voloshin or Teryoshin: who will run the half marathon faster?

On the eve of the Zelenograd marathon, which will take place on July 28, the participants are preparing for the race and daily train not only muscles, but also fortitude. And someone does not have to train at all, it is enough just to challenge and arrange the most unequal battle in social networks, and then at the start.

Teryoshin at the start: the strangest challenge

If you are If you come to the marathon, then to your surprise you will find in the crowd one very atypical character for a healthy lifestyle. Cyril Ruki-bazooka, known for his inappropriate behavior and, in fact, the very fact that he pumped synthol into his hands to become like his idol Romario Dos Santos Alves from Brazil.

Voloshin or Teryoshin: who will run the half marathon faster?

The case history of Kirill Tereshin: what happened to him?

Where did the bazooka hands come from and how the synthol pumping experiments will end.

It would seem that Cyril has already tried everything to shock the audience: he dyed his hair and lips with black lipstick, brushed aside grandmothers and deputies in the program Let them say, let loose fake news that he blew off his bitsuhi.

Voloshin or Teryoshin: who will run the half marathon faster?

Kirill Teryoshin was left without “bazooka hands”: true or fake?

What's going on with the syntholsk from Pyatigorsk? Latest news

This time the guy went further, and on his instagram he challenged one of the most prominent businessmen in the running and triathlon community, Vladimir Voloshin. The guy cheekily believes that he can run 21.1 km faster than Vladimir. To see how groundless Tereshin's thoughts are, catch 10 facts about Voloshin, which prove that the syntholster is unlikely to overtake the vice president of marketing at VFSO Labor reserves, a partner of Newman Sport, IRONSTAR and ROSA RUN.

5 facts about Voloshin who hooked us

1. Vladimir Voloshin ran marathons as a pacer, that is, a person who sets the pace of the race. This means that he is prepared enough to run with a perfectly even pace and pulse.

2. Vladimir was a participant in a marathon in the Sahara desert. And this, by the way, is 250 km for five days in hellish heat.

3. He did 10 Ironman races in 10 days. His morning began with a swim for an hour and a half, then a 6-7 hour bike race and a running marathon distance. And so on for 10 days in a row.

4. Voloshin goes in for sports as a charity. For example, its 2,260 km was to help a sick child - a ward of Rusfond.

5. He is seriously interested in biohacking and even launched his line of healthy IVs that will restore you from sports victories and replenish your body's resources.

Are you ready to bet?

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